Sunday, May 19, 2013

A Mini Financial Windfall

I had quite a financial windfall this week, well..all $77.50..heh, and I started the week pretty moody because in my head, I kept thinking how to make more sales to make up for the $50 I had to take out from my online shop profits in my pouch. It was quite a good motivational boost and I absolutely loved the boost. Even though a few times this week, I had to sleep and wake up late at night to do the works, I didn't mind it. I'm all for it. Of course, other days when I'm not producing the goods, I get my sleep..haha.

I do want to take this online venture to a point where I'm making money every week, pretty much like this week. It will be a great thing. Even if it is a mere $5.00..whatever it takes to put up something on the facebook page and then other people see it, 'like' it and then some other people see it and may even buy it. I am exploring other ways that I can do to add value to my online shop. 

But all this things..I thought might have been directly due to the fact I chose to spend money on people that I care about. Remember in my previous post, I was talking about having to buy pizza for my family to celebrate Mother's Day because my mum complained I always don't do anything for her. Since it was pay day the day before, I thought I could just buy the family pizza for dinner. Of course it was a bit daunting for me because I'm trying to save money and then spending on expensive dinner isn't my idea of celebration but then you know, I see other families prior to that in the mall, queuing up and about to spend money in restaurants in celebration of this very day. Then, I thought that I won't be spending as much money as them. Of course, the best is to have home cooked for me but I think it's a bit far fetched to uhm, make my mum cook on this day huh?

Prior to that, I gave $10 to my friend's daughter when we met up with her because my mum told her. I decided I have to not because my mum want to (erm...okay, maybe that too) but her mum has been  pretty generous giving me stuffs that she doesn't want to and she thinks I might want it. Of course I do want it because we're talking about MAC paint pot Rubenesque. I have neve owned a MAC paint pot! That $10.00 doesn't mean much to her generosity. Although she didn't want to take it at first and I may happily want to take it back, I didn't and after much persuasion, she took the money for the benefit of her daughter. I reaped the reward when that night itself, I got two orders via my online shop. Happiness.

Oh yes, why I'm talking about the Mother's Day dinner and how the next day I felt awful because I used some part of my profits on it, I actually read this facebook update about my colleague spending money on her relatives as part of her birthday celebration. Then what she said struck me, if you spend on others, you will reap the rewards later. 

Of course you must do it with sincerity and not do it because you want to reap the rewards. You do it because you want to show your appreciation of others (like me towards my mother) and then if you get duly rewarded, then good for you but don't make it the main priority. It's just how kindness begets kindness.

So now while I can't totally shed my calculative nature, I felt that I shouldn't be too calculative when it comes to my family. Totally shouldn't. Just like how one philanthropist donated millions to one of the universities here because she and her late husband believed in its education system and how it incorporates social values.

But is she just merely giving away her millions just like that and then, getting her value lower and lower? No, while she gives away her millions, it forces her to think about how to earn the millions back like for example, selling one of her properties.

I pretty much want to be like that. Money makes the world go round. In order to save money, you need to spend money but of course you need to spend it wisely. I should concentrate on spending money on my loved ones and doesn't matter if I don't get to have racks of shoes or clothes, as long as they're happy, I'm happy. I hope my online business flourishes one day but until that day comes, I shouldn't be so uptight about spending on my family.

They are the only ones I've got.


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