Turning Hobby into A Business Venture

Recently I have made...$60 from my cardmaking ventures. I'm really proud of it because I've actually made money..hehe. But then that is because I bothered to put it on facebook and one of my working colleague wants me to help her make one. Initially I made the smaller ones which is the A2 size but her idea of an actual card is uhm..the A5 size which is like half the size of an A4 which I initially I didn't have. So I had to stay up late until about 3.30am in the morn to make them so that she can choose which one she wants. So, is this what you call sacrificing time for business? haha.

Anyway, it paid off, well literally as well, because I got $10 instead of $6.00 because she thought that a lot of hard work is placed into it. 

Just as I thought that I could use this moolah to save up, I went out with my two friends that evening and used up the $10 because my friend bought more than the usual for us to share because she was feeling very hungry :( Didn't help that we were in the wrong queue and had to wait longer than normal.

Oh well. The remaining $50.00 I got it from my vice principal when she accepted my proposal to make birthday cards for the teachers. $50.00!! *gulp* I didn't want to accept the money at first but she was pretty insistent. To be honest, without that $50.00, didn't think I would survive this week before I got my reimbursement. Thankfully the reimbursement got in just yesterday...yay!

I try my best not to touch it but then I have been in dire financial situation again. Currently I'm still thinking of ways on how to take better pictures..haha. My picture taking skills suck after so many years of not owning a proper digital camera. 

Tonight I will be working on another 4 to 6 more cards so that I can give her on Friday for the June babies. I have actually drawn out my layouts so that I will spend less time doing it as I've already got what I wanted to make in mind instead of it being a 100% on going thought process.

I need my beauty sleep anyway..haha. Oh, I'm also thinking of venturing into some other things as well such as handmade invitation cards and tags for people on a smaller budgets. At least it isn't so boring just to make cards. I've made some simple accessories as well because I don't want to put to waste all the things I have for the accessories making. I've decided to keep it simple because that's what I'm good at only. At least better than nothing, right?

Speaking of which, I need to start making them already. Have to get up early later because I've got training at HQ .

This Sat, if I can remember, I will post up pictures of my work. I really like what I'm doing..turning this hobby into a potential business. Do support me :)

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