Monday, May 07, 2012

Not the Same Anymore

I'm on leave today...wooh!

Speaking about work, with a heavy heart, I'm announcing that life wouldn't be the same anymore at my workplace. No, I'm not announcing that I have resigned and currently I'm still waiting to see if I can get transfered to the new scheme and I will be informed by end of this month. If I still didn't get my transfer, I'm afraid I have to look somewhere else where I will get the chance to be on the new scheme when I join another ministry.

Two of them have resigned and one of them is a close buddy. I mean we're not that close close but he has been very helpful and kind, not just to me but to the rest of us too. However, after putting up with our crap for the last four years, hehe...I think he has finally decided to move on. He has been offered a better pay by us but he says it's not about the money. Rather, he wants to be in a job that allows him to be more specialized and more IT related instead of being asked to do this and that at my workplace.

Another colleague has also just resigned has served the school for more than 10 years. However he kept being rejected for another post within the same ministry so he decides to leave as you know, how much can one be rejected again and again. Obviously he wants to move on to a better post. But then I don't want to comment much about probable reasons for the rejection as I think he is capable in the current post with him being so meticulous that it drives us nuts at times too, haha.

I don't know about the rest but to me, he is quite kind to me as I can joke around with him like I truly understand his sometimes lame jokes and don't get offended too easily. And we also used to share music and movie knowledge and at times he will actually check out the movie I recommend..on that same day itself.

They're both really good at IT and its peripheral like cameras etc so I don't know who else to turn to if I need help in this matter. 

I'm going to miss that IT guy very very much. He used to treat us McDonalds or any other fast food that he ordered for delivery and he doesn't like to accept payments from me. Even when he helped me to repair my laptop, he didn't want to accept payment for buying the hard disk.

Where can you find such kind hearted colleague?!!

Then later my operations manager will also be serving his last few days with us. He is not renewing his contract as age is catching up. I used to be scared of him but then I opened up to him more because he's such a friendly manager, stern with his contractors, but with us he can joke around which is unlike other managers of his post.

But then in life eventually, everyone has to move on. It's hard to accept because we can be so used to the comfort zone that getting out may be so hard. 

In my personal life, one of my friends whom we've been friends with for so many years since secondary school, will be migrating to Australia. I used to complain a lot about her and uhm recently last week too but then it's just her personality trying to advise you on what works best on you and what you should be doing to the point of not being able to understand the actual real situation. She sees things ahead which is good but sometimes you have to let the person decide for themselves instead of being pressurizing.

Anyway, the good thing about her is that she tries her best to maintain a good relationship with all her friends including me. We used to always catch up at least once a month for the last few years with dinner or coffee or even both together after work. I used to moan about it because it can get rather boring especially in recent times when I don't know what else is there to talk about. It can also turn into a nagging session as she is always nagging about me being dormant in life. But at times she wants to meet up is because she just wants someone to talk to especially about her work as she feels miserable about it at times.

So now she's looking for better opportunities by migrating to Australia for good. That means I won't be able to catch up with her anymore except maybe through facebook :( Honestly life is going to be different already when she's not around. Nobody will bother asking me out for dinner or coffee anymore. Sometimes I feel quite important for her to still hold on to our friendship despite having many friends whom she knew from poly and university and who are just as close to her.

You know, I wish them all the best. I feel sad but then eventually, our life is always changing whether we like it or not. The only constant is change.

Now even my boss is contemplating on accepting a post in another school which is nearer to her house. Currently she is so overloaded with work although the good thing about it is she doesn't ever complain about it. But of course, in case you think that she's a doormat, she isn't and she can be quite feisty and knows what she wants and knows how to fight for our rights especially.

You tell me if it's ever worth staying at my current workplace now that the major people are gone or are leaving? So sad.

Now I'm left with another long term colleague who I think will be my pillar of support if my boss ever leaves. I can't say much about my other two colleagues including the new one. They're more senior so they've always got something to say but I think they just have to accept that they are in a different working environment.

Oh well.

So how? Should I move on to?

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