Monday, May 21, 2012

Facing the Dreaded Music

Staying true to what I have written previously about wanting to achieve happiness in my life, I have decided to face squarely with my debt problems by...answering the phone call :S I know somehow one day I just have to answer the call and even though it was nerve wrecking, I was glad I answered the call this time. I had just avoided facing legal charges which can jeopardize my career and being in the civil service doesn't help.


One thing I am er..thankful is that the guy on the other line is kind enough to offer me a low payment scheme and in my enthusiasm in wanting to know when is the next payment due, he asked me to do it one at a time. So one at a time, it is. I have to be resourceful in finding my funding source and this is a very painful lesson for me.

But I have brought myself this absolute mess and only I can clean it up. What I can learn from this is to never EVER borrow money again, whether from the banks or from people. I have to also learn to manage my money properly because every single thing counts. If I just HAD to get something, it has to be justified..or at least offered a good price. This is especially for things like make up and card making stuffs. I am just a humble human being with a weakness for pretty things. Not so much clothes for as long as I have not lose this weight yet..haha.

Anyways, while I still have to juggle with this problem, LIFE STILL GOES ON. What I plan to do is to do what I love which is making my handmade goodies via my online shop. I just set up a blog for it and I am so egg-cited to open it up. Later on I will do stock taking so that I have the things all neat and tidy for people to purchase. I am also trying to come up with ideas to bring in more moolah and be a bit more creative. It's like being my own boss..haha. This is also part of  my healing process and also my aim to attain happiness. I wanna be worry free although yes life does throw a few curve balls to us every now and then but the thing is, we just have to be strong about it. For some others, people like me too, we have to be strong for our family too. That's just the way it is, whether we like it or not. 

If you are having personal crisis, it is good to share and seek help. Don't bear it all and be all shy about it. People will offer help if you are genuinely in need of help but don't forget to pay back their kindness or else they may think you are just taking advantage of them.

My other advice is...look before you leap. At times it can be hard to predict when life will be tough but if we have to face it, we just have to learn to face it and slowly accept it so that we can reach an amicable solution for it.


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