A Little Promo for Accessories and Handmade Cards

The exciting thing about having your own little online shop is that you get to call the shots as in what you want to have in them. I like mine because I get to be creative and let the whole world knows about my handmade products..haha.. Fine not really, because it's not like I'm making huge sales progress. But never mind, we start slow and hopefully progress into something bigger.

If you are on facebook, do take a look at my online shop. I've added new group of things which are my first love with handmade things...accessories!

Here's a short preview..

If you think that looks like a shoe, it is!! haha..I got the acrylic 'shoe' during Christmas time where they have these limited edition especially for chocolates and for the life of me, I can't remember what chocolate brand was it. 

I used to crack my brain a lot (which doesn't have much storage anyway) and give up a lot of time because I just can't come up with a decent design!! The frustration of it, even after looking at so many designs. In the end, I just assume that I do what I know best and work around it and that kinda works because I manage to come up with more than 8 designs pretty pretty fast..in just a week. I'm proud of that achievement :)

To me, it helps if you look at the beads and charms and then work a good combi out of them and then string them up together.

So now I've made cards and accessories...both are handmade with love.

I'm thinking of offering special gift packages for them but now I'm waiting for this local online shop to open again so that I can buy the NYX lipsticks out of them (they're less than $10 so I guess it can be done) and offer as part of the package.

Let's see how it all works out.

Meanwhile, please 'like' my facebook page on my handmade stuffs 


Thanks! It will mean so much to me.

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