Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blush Blush with Bobbi Brown

I know myself enough that I won't be able to buy high end make up unless I won them or somebody gives to me. Maybe after this promotion I will be able to..heh.

Anyway, I have no problem with the lower end make up especially for those that performs just as well but well, a girl sometimes just want to have that one luxe make up item.

Recently I've blogged about my colleague giving me the bobbi brown make up palette and honey, I'm loving the cream blushers. At first I thought I can never pull of cream blushers but I managed to :)

They're in fact longer lasting because it's cream. But the application is a bit of a chore because you really need to get it well blended so that it doesn't look like you have a lot.

So here's the palette that I'm loving

Okay I wore that at 12pm and look at how long lasting it is, and it's 11pm now!! Don't mind the hair coz well, it's 11pm..haha.

You can use the popular beauty blender but I got a pack of sponges with a V tip for corner blending  for only $1.20 and there's a few of them inside.

This was sold at $25 at the recent Estee launder sales.

I realize that with certain higher end make up, the best philosophy to follow is 'less is more'. Sometimes with drugstore products you need to slather a bit more just to see the colour come out.

If you want alternative cheaper cream blushes, you can get the NYX cream blushes. I wish I could provide the link but the website is currently going through a stock take. However you can always go to for NYX products. They have this so many shades of blushes for both cream and powder form. And it's easy on your pockets :)

But I guess I'll stick with these two shades of cream blushes coz I'm loving them..

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