Saturday, May 12, 2012

Promoted At Last!

You've heard me complaining a million times about how low my pay is and how I really hope that I will get to be on the new scheme with the promise of a slightly higher pay. Basically it's not so that I can have more money to spend on myself but rather, so that I have more to spend on my family. They've all I've got and it is not easy being a sole breadwinner. 

Anyway, the good news is..I've got the option to transfer! And that's not all actually.

I don't know if you can see but..

I'm eligible for promotion! woot! I know I know...I've been wishing I don't get promoted and I thought that I of course wouldn't be promoted as I'm such a blunder at times at work and I don't exactly have this work intuition turned on all the time. However in whatever comes my way,  I only know two things: I try to stay on top of things even if I feel overwhelmed and that I do my best in whatever is thrown my way.

If you are new to the working world or is currently struggling to put your foot down, follow that philosophy closely and you won't feel like you're losing out. You must plan your time and try to follow the time closely. Also, take whatever that is given to you as a challenge. At times you may make mistakes but learn from them and do better the next time around.

With this transfer, and also the promotion, my pay will increase by almost $400! At first I didn't want to inform my mum simply because I don't want her to ask for more money from me and I wouldn't be able to cope with the expenses. However, I realize that I can't keep that for long and that the amount that I've given to her from the first pay that I received which is a take home pay of a mere $1k has not changed. Plus she's always in a dilemma that the money I've given to her isn't quite enough to cover the household expenses. She has been cooking quite frequently these days so I believe it's quite apt that I should give her slightly more. As for myself, whatever has left I just try my best to spend wisely and not be too carried away buying unnecessary stuffs such as *ahem* makeup.

Things are getting more ex and I've succumbed to taking money on credit terms which sucks coz now they're after me. I wanna put this ep behind me and get on with my life. I can't run away from them forever. I have also resorted to borrowing and I really hope that with this new take home pay, things will get a little easier for me as well.

With this promotion and my agreement to go on the new scheme, I won't be getting backdated pay of about $200 per month since Feb until June simply because the promotion is effective on the 1st June. It's complicated when you work for the ministry...they're pretty calculative..hahah.

My colleagues are so happy and so is my boss and man, her handshake is super firm. Shows how confident a woman she is. She also got her promotion earlier. Now it's my turn :)

After working in this grade for the last 9 years, and 4 years with this ministry, I am so happy my hard work is recognized. I will continue to put in my best and not slack like how I used to.


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