Monday, September 11, 2017

Birthday Gathering & House Hunting

Last week, I celebrated a friend of mine's belated birthday together with another friend at her condo. Sadly, this would be the last time we would hold the celebration at her place because she has finally managed to sell off her condo unit after one year of looking for a buyer.

Mostly we used the swimming pool facilities although the two of us didn't swim at all but just chill under the shade. We brought home cooked food and I really appreciated my friend for doing this for us, thinking about how the young son of a friend of us would love the swimming pool for kids. She is so selfless and kind to her friends and I'm truly blessed to have her in my life. 

While one was selling off the house, the other friend was on the verge of getting a dream house for herself and her young son. In life, we have many priorities and things to look forward to. Each of our dreams and aspirations are different from one another, like for me, getting a house is not a priority at the moment. 

At times we may not agree about some things but overall, we all lead a different and unique path in life. So as friends, it is natural to have our concerns but we can only lend our moral support and hope for the best for things to come. Because life is unpredictable. But we don't want to be stagnant as well. We may have different goals in life but all of us aspire to lead better lives, not just for ourselves but for our immediate loved ones as well.

For this few precious hours that we spent time together, we shared updates in our lives over food and laughter. Things may not always remain the same in our lives but what will always remain is the the friendship that will hopefully last a lifetime.

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