To Embrace the Moment..Or Not to Embrace.

Yesterday's post was such a fun post to write. I don't think I would experience such an intense crush ever again...okay, I can't promise on that. Yesterday, I was watching this short clip on you tube from a Korean movie and this girl was like telling his colleague at a convenience store, about how we do not know what is going to happen in the next 21 months, let alone the next twenty minutes. So what does this leave us? It means that we should simply just leave the past behind, embrace the moment and simply restart all over until we get it right. 

Great advice, which prompted the guy who actually put his love life on hold as he will be enlisted very soon, to declare his love. He didn't want to be waited for the next 21 months but he was told that nobody knows what will happen next. So why not grab this moment. 

It's true that we do not know what will happen next. But we must also have our hearts and our minds open to the possibility of being given new opportunities to live to the best of our abilities and to love with all our heart. 

About my post yesterday, for the longest time, I haven't written such a lengthy post on a crush that will go nowhere. I know this will sound ironic after you read what I wrote earlier. My life right now is in such turmoil and I'm barely scratching the surface and falling in love is the last thing I want. But if you ask me, complications of a relationship aside, it will be such a fun addition to my life, you know, going to a movie and dinner with a guy, like FINALLY.  That is until I have to break the news that I'm not looking for a relationship. I'm such a party pooper.

I'm not just talking about this guy, who from what I know, could jolly well be married with small kids. I don't care already. I just want to admire from afar, hehe. He's not very good looking but okaylah in the looks department but man, he is fit, LOL. Okay before I get lost in words, in general speak, will I ever be mentally ready for a relationship. Or should I just continue to make effort in making more friends with guys for a different experience than that of just simply hanging out with your gal pals. 

Honestly, I'm looking for the latter. But I'm still being limited about my thoughts of what's next if he wants to take the friendship to the next level. What do I say? Oh, I'm not ready. So that is why, for now, I choose to open my heart and my mind to other things but relationship wise? I just can't for now. I know that it is because of this limitation that I've been single all this while. I don't know to deal with breaking the news to my mother, find the time to go out without her finding out and how I'm still struggling to make ends meet. 

So while we don't know what will happen next, I know for sure, to be in a relationship is not in my mind right at this moment. Hence, the universe will respond in the same way as well. But again, I want to make new guy friends and I hope the universe will respond to this instead. For now, I will probably forget about my obsession with this guy quite soon. Just like how I stopped watching things on you tube which I get so addicted to, practically increasing the phone bill until I had to seriously  ban myself from watching you tube on the go already.

Do you ever get torn in your thoughts like this before? Or you just embrace the moment, because you don't know what will happen next. Food for thought.

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