Sunday, June 21, 2015

Start of the Holy Month for 2015

It's the start of the holy month, well technically, this is the fourth day already and the day before we start our fasting, yours truly started to feel sick already. The first day, I was going fine, well almost, the second day, I feel weak already when the flu bug began to attack and fever started to develop.

Go me. 

So for the weekend, I could not fast because I had to eat medicine or otherwise, I could not function. I had orders to fulfill, errands to run, a project to do and while I try to stay up, there are times I just want to lie down on the bed flat.

I've been blessed with the orders I receive. Financially, this month is very tight and I'm sick of getting letters for outstanding bills. The feeling is so sucky. But the only way to get out of this poverty cycle is to just think ahead, plan your moves and stick with the plan. I don't want to drag this any longer and I'm going to just do what I have planned from the start of the year. I figured that the best way to do is to tackle it one by one. Clear one hurdle, move on to the next hurdle, and not be thinking and thinking what can I do right now and feeling troubled by it.

Back to the orders story. I don't know how and why but maybe because this is indeed a blessed holy month, where I have been receiving order every single day this week which is a rarity in itself. I didn't want to make myself feel overwhelmed and instead, to concentrate on my next step and be dedicated to it. I read and admire how the younger people started their own business and it just bloomed. Did they say 'I think I should stop now'? No, instead, they trudged on and do their best, put in additional hours and be consumed by passion, rather than the feeling of being overwhelmed.

I am not going to let God just give me these opportunities which I've been craving for. I need help and I'm going to receive it from Him.

Speaking of blessings, Singapore had recently been hit by a tragedy where young and courageous victims fell victim to the devastating Sabah quake. Those who survived will aim to take small steps to get their life back together and overcome the trauma though it will forever be remembered by them.

One of the families, despite their own loss of a loved one, still felt blessed at what they have and decided to help other people who are in dire need of financial help. 

He says:
"Coming from a blessed background, we felt we could reach out to those who are more in need during these difficult times and it would have been [my daughter] Rachel's wishes as well."

In simply put, he felt that he is just human, helping another human. For the full article, click  here

Whether you are a Muslim who does charitable work during this holy month or simply another human being, let us not forget to be charitable to those in need. Instead of just being keyboard warriors, complainers and what have you, if you think you need more and more of wealth and material goods, ultimately you can't carry them to your grave. People are more likely to remember you for what great things you have done and not what you have.

Have a blessed Ramadhan my dear Muslim readers.


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