Are You Ready for it?

I watched a video last Saturday and I would agree with her that when we commit to something, we must truly follow through it, instead of being half in and half out. For example, in your business, in your career and even in your loved life. You don't want to enter into a relationship and then the guy or girl is like so wishy-washy that you don't know if you are being loved and cared for. It is no doubt, a big responsibility, to love and care for someone else, but if we're not fully committed, chances are that it won't work out. Apart from the fact that it takes effort from both people to make the relationship work too. 

I, for one, am not ready to be in a relationship, and while at first I have been ready to remain a single for the rest of my life, I will give myself five years first and see how things go from there. I want to bring my life up to the next level, in terms of my career and my side business. I want to also progress in life, health and wealth wise too. Spiritually, I want to be closer to God and sadly, while I haven't done things that are against God's teachings, I haven't brought myself closer to him and He has helped me get through life, which can sometimes be marred with so many problems. 

Every time I got tired of waiting for the train to come and leave me with a wee bit of space to squeeze in, the next train, I will be able to get in when I prayed because I was getting late for school. I also prayed to him to get good results for my exams because I felt that I had put in a lot of effort and I prayed that I could perform the exams well.

Then earlier on, I also prayed that I would see him in the gym and I did. I also think he's beginning to notice me too because I've been too 'in his face', especially the part when I figured that he was going back. I was like eh, where he went, then when I was about to go to the water cooler, he opened the men's toilet door and saw me first and then after drinking, I turned back to weigh myself and saw him signing out. Then when he was about to leave, he had to pass by me again.

So funny.

For the first time, I heard him talk a bit to someone whom I didn't figure out who because all of the guys were busy working out including himself. I loved doing the weights as I got to see him in full view as he would be facing the mirror while sitting down and working out his biceps. Again, he was in the airforce shirt, but in white this time.

Now I don't really care if he talks to me or if he's married or younger blah blah, because I know I'm not ready for a relationship and I am there in the gym to work out and get fit, not to flirt around. While I've been troubled with the 'what if's' like what if he talks to me and then it leads to movie, dinner and so on and so forth, I know that it will not happen as I'm simply not mentally ready to be in love with someone. It's natural to have a crush on someone but it doesn't necessarily mean you want to be in a relationship with that someone. It could just be a harmless crush, that leads to nowhere just to let you know, you're just a human being with feelings.

Sometimes people say they are not ready for this or that but then got caught in a situation where they just have no other choice but to deal with it straight on. Deep down inside, you may want something badly but you never really take action about it, until something happen and then it's as though your body have been taken over and you have to bear the consequences later.

Whatever it is, the universe will respond to you according to the vibes that you give out. If you're not signalling any vibes, because you're mentally blocking yourself, there's no way things are just going to happen, say, people taking an interest in you or a promotion is up for you. If you have been working hard because you so badly want a promotion, then indeed, you will be ready to receive a promotion. Just like you're ready to run a successful business, you put your heart and soul into it by putting it 100% effort, your business will certainly take off.

It's a matter of whether you're ready for it, the hard work, the commitment and everything else that comes with it.

Therefore, for my side business, I tell myself in the morning when I go to work, that I'm willing to work hard for it and do what it takes for people to know of the existence of my humble online shop. Then orders start to come in, and my work gets recognized, which is nice because I"m ready to receive orders.

In terms of love, I'm not ready to be in a relationship so I don't actually foresee guys coming up to me wanting to get to know me or introducing themselves to me. It's not a matter of how attractive I am and how great my personality is. It's just how I put myself out there to be ready to receive the attraction as I'm sending signals out loud and clear. So I won't be surprised, if assuming that gym guy is single and available, will not ever say hi to me, even though I keep making my presence known, not on purpose in case you think that I'm a stalker.

So think about it. You want certain things to happen, but are you ready for it? Are you sending the signals out like a beacon?

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