Embarking on a Low Carb Diet

I haven't talked about it but I have been on a low carb diet for slightly more than a month. Basically, I slashed my carbo intake, which means white rice, to a whole lot. As in, I would eat only two spoonfuls, and maximum three, of rice and those spoonfuls are being fed by my mother. Because to her, it's the only way to make me eat rice, haha.

I had this er..epiphany (?) when I was eating the leftovers from a buffet spread after a meeting was conducted in the conference room. I just ate bread and didn't feel like eating much after that. But, it was a waste for the food so me and the rest of the office peeps, went over and ate our fill which was basically their lunch too. I tried to eat the dishes sans the rice, and I thought that hey, I can do this.

Also, I felt like this year, I truly want to chase after my goals and this includes losing weight and keeping it off which honestly, I haven't been successful. There were some yay moments and it is usually a fleeting moment only. Then, I'm back to square one, like all the time.

So I thought, there should be a better way than this. I don't want to go on some fad diet. I don't want to feel blah anymore. I want to feel good about myself and even if it means making some sacrifices for the better, then er...I should give up rice. If from that buffet spread, I could eat the dishes sparingly without rice, I felt I can do this. 

Just like when you're embarking on something new, there's this fear that you can't do it. This is normal. We're just human beings. But knowing what is your ultimate goal and staying focused on be on the game, you will feel like as though, you are in this for the long term.

When you ban or cut down white rice, white bread and pasta in your diet, you will feel instantly lighter within a week because they are simple carbs that tend to attack around your middle region and cause bloating. I noticed my tummy don't look and feel so bloated anymore ever since I lower my carbo intake tremendously. Of course, being Asian, you can't totally ignore rice, but having it in much smaller quantities, help too. Plus, having some carbohydrates can give you the energy for the day too but if eaten in larger quantities, can cause lethargy. So choose your battle carefully, people.

Apart from this, I have also cut down on snacking tremendously and I admit that this is the hardest. Oh, and drinking water. But again, it is about being focused on the game. I imagine myself being at my ideal weight, technically still considered in the unhealthy range..hee, but it's what I feel at most successful and most confident, once upon a time. I want to get back to that weight so badly that I am doing what it takes to be at that weight. 

I've stopped eating after 1.30pm and would only continue to consume food after 7.30pm, usually after 8pm if I have class. At first, it was torture because I'm so used to snacking, for instance biscuits, even though I try to snack on healthier biscuits. Or even chips, but just a few pieces. But I want to take it further. I decided to totally cut on snacking, and if I'm feeling hungry, I will drink a plain of cold water from the dispenser to quench the thirst. 

I didn't think this was easy at first although it was just plain water. But recently, I discovered the benefit of drinking water (like, as though this is something 'new') that it actually aids you in losing weight. No, for real. How? We all know that it's a no brainer that our body needs water to function. Besides water having zero calories (how can you top that?), it helps to flush out excess water weight that makes you feel bloated and also helps to increase your metabolism which burn fats faster resulting in weight loss.

Drink up for health

Now comes the biggie. Have I actually lost weight, and lose it for real.

The answer is...yes!

So, it worked. Yay! I've not actually seen this weight for a long time. If I do, probably for a fleeting moment and then the next week, my weight will creep back up again. I've since lost 2kg because my aim is to lose a minimum of 500 grams per week. Do-able, if I stick to a low carb diet and embark on at least 30 minutes of exercise each day, which translates to walking before and after work, and climbing staircase instead of riding up the escalator, cutting down on snacking and drinking more water.

Only last week, I didn't manage to lose 500grams or 0.5kg although the weight loss I had last week, was definitely permanent and I will strive to never ever go back to that previous weight again. So I upped the game this week and how apt that I'm having school holidays so I can walk after work, instead of taking public transport to school.

So later when I go to the gym, I will see if there's any results from it. I'm positive there is, though. 

I know there has been a recent trend in cosmetic surgery to treat obesity. For example, shrinking the stomach capacity to suppress appetite and to control the food intake. I have nothing against people who go through these surgical procedures because it's their body. Plus we don't know what they go through and I'm sure it is not an easy decision for them to be at risk. There was an actress who has been obese and suffering from knee problems which prompted her to go through the surgery. Now, she can barely eat and she's losing weight because if she consumes just a little bit too much, she will vomit out. So therefore, she has been feeling lethargic due to the lack of energy coming from the food.

If you're absolutely sure you want to go through this, then go ahead. But it's not the be all and end all solution. You still have to take care of your health by eating food that is good for you, drink up with plain water and exercise. Just stay focused, be on your game and do your best to reach your goal by a certain deadline that you have set. And don't be too hard on yourself if you are not successful or you lapsed in your effort, just like me in the previous week. Some things take time to happen so be patient :)

Oh, and good luck!


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