Sunday, June 07, 2015

Emotional Day for Singapore

Singapore is experiencing both highs and lows in emotions with Singapore leading the pack in the medals tally during the SEA games..and then getting the news of our young children who have been killed in Sabah after the earthquake of a magnitude of 6.0 hit the mountains. 

My heart felt so heavy when I saw the news of the missing children and their teachers and I was at a loss for words, when earlier I found out about their deaths. I can't imagine how their loved ones felt, from having to identify their bodies to being hit by reality that they have lost their children. My heart also goes out to the teachers who got injured or killed, in the process of saving these children and their own lives. 

From yesterday, I felt anguish and at the same time, more appreciative of my time here and with my family. For the first time after so long, I slept late and close to almost 5am because I wanted to get things done. Earlier, while I'm still struggling financially, I bought food for the family, because my brother wanted it even though my pay is still a week from now. I still could afford it so I got it for him. I didn't want to live in regret, knowing I could buy it but choosing not to, just to save a few dollars. I could easily earn the money back, and as long as I have the intention to do my best in whatever I set my eyes to, I believe good things will come my way.

While I have been looking forward to seeing my gym crush the whole week, after finding out about the news, it didn't feel as important anymore. So now, it doesn't matter if I get to see him. If I do, then it's great. Otherwise, it's not the end of the world. I still have to continue training my body to keep fit and healthy for the sake of myself, and the family.

Life is so precious, to harbour negative feelings, even though I do understand that it's hard to stay positive all the time. But people have come out from deep problems, emerging as champions in their own lives so long as they're motivated to live life to the fullest and to get out of their difficult situation as soon as as they can.

These children would have a big future waiting for them, but God loves them more. Rest in peace dear children, for you are now angels in the company of God.

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