Friday, June 12, 2015

Life is Indeed So Precious

Life is indeed so precious. In just moments, things can change.

When I saw an instagram photo regarding the passing of one young celebrity, the one who posted it, also a celebrity, was talking about how she didn't want to die, if it means leaving her family behind. Then I thought about my family and how precious they are to me too, just like life itself. You'll never know when you will utter your last words to them, or they say their last goodbye to you, even if it means a casual farewell because you're leaving for work.

When I look around me and noticing how materialistic people have become, accumulating things after things, whether for their hobby or for their vanity, and then having to think about how much you have to leave behind after you're gone. What are they going to do with them. If they are valuables that can be sold, then at least it can help the family members in a way or two. Other than that, I'm simply just wasting my money away on things that I barely use because it's either too similar to what I already have or I just have too many. When I see some people basically sweeping away all the things that are being put up for sale at below cost until others who may need it more don't get a chance to purchase, I'm thinking how much of those things are you going to use anyway.

While it has nothing to do with the recent tragic loss of lives,  I wanted to ensure that my money is more well spent this time round to at least last me until my next pay. I didn't want to keep on accumulating things because in the end, they can be rather worthless if i don't make full use of it. I would rather spend on things that will help me in making money in line with my vision, rather than buying because they look so pretty that I don't want to use them. This side income helps me to support my family and I believe, if I put in more effort and be more committed, the income can be quite good, at least to tide over the week.

Apart from that, I am also thinking about what people really think about me. Have I done enough to be kind to people, to love and respect others and to be filial to my parents. Have I done enough good in this world. What have they got to say about me.

When I read or hear about all those things the people who had  passed on have done when they were alive, my thought was how kind and how beautiful they are as a person, so much so God loves them more and call them to be with Him.

People are not going to remember how beautiful you are on the outside but how you beautiful you are on the inside. So remember, be kind to people, generous, respectful and loving. We can aim to be beautiful on the outside by being well groomed and taking good care of our health and our body. But we can't be too fixated on our external beauty.

We must also learn to appreciate the love and kindness around us and from the people that we care before it's too late.

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