Our Self Worth

Taking a tagline from Loreal, "Because I'm worth it" as we really are. But how can we know what we are worth when at times, we feel like we're so inferior compared to other women who we ourselves perceive as more attractive, more personable and so on and so forth.

I liked how this guy advised that we must first fall in love with ourselves first. How can we expect other people to fall madly in love with us when we are struggling to come to terms our own values.

You can watch the full video below. 

But the key takeaways for me

1) Value Yourself More as a Woman

We need to own it. If we know how much we're worth, we will become incredibly sexy to someone.

Confidence with a Smile. We look at people with confidence, sincerity and warmth. I picked this up from several videos that I watched from the reality drama The Profit. How this guy is a billionaire, who appears to be warm and friendly to people, when he first introduces himself. But when it comes to business, he's really a not to be messed with person because he knows what he's worth and he knows what he's dealing with. He's not cocky, just like how being too confident can make you appear arrogant. 

We give our attention to people and make them feel special through our undivided attention, body language, smile and touch. We can skip the last one if uncomfortable, just like me, but the gist is that 
we want people to like us for who we are, and it begins with this confidence that radiates from within.

 2) Invite Him into Your World; Don't Make Him Your World

Our world doesn't stop spinning as we drop everything that we have, just for him. It doesn't make sense as we start becoming a slave to him and when things don't go right, it's like we have lost our balance and we just feel like falling apart because all we ever do revolves around him.

Show them that we have a life and invite him into our world. 

The rest of the video talks about dating such as redefining dating and he offers real useful tips. If you really like the guy, playing hard to get may cause us to lose him. He also talks about how men like to appear strong instead of weak so by giving him control on how to plan the date for instance, and then telling him how much we enjoyed it, gives him a sense of accomplishment that he made us happy for all its worth.

Notice how he didn't talk about physical attraction because seriously, anyone can find love if they open their heart and not be weighed down by negative feelings towards love. Maybe nothing can come out of it at the end of the courtship but who knows, you will end up meeting more people through him and you've got yourself a friend that offers you a different perspective in life.

I hope you learn some things in this video like I did. After watching it, I find that by taking care of my body, nurturing my soul, through equipping myself with knowledge, making effort to look good and eating right, I'm not doing it for the sake of vanity or finding a new man, it's just because I value myself more as I KNOW I am worth it. I also now start to focus my gaze more straight ahead rather than walking while looking down most times because I don't really like to look at people as though they're staring at me. This bit is not easy, well, wearing make up somehow looks easier, haha, but it's to make me gain more confidence.

Let us make this year, a year of attraction for us single ladies :)

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