Friday, May 22, 2015

Johor Trip 2015

A friend of mine, decided on an impromptu basis, to go for a day trip to Johor Bahru City Square. The last time we went there was in 2012 and I remembered them buying a lot of shoes, LOL.

Well, she had the same intention but I just wanted to buy some clothes because the last time I went to a big mall in Johor, we had soooooo limited time for shopping. I know that's not the whole point of the learning journey but still. I'd rather spend my moolah on them rather than well, their made-in-Malaysia products. Technically, the clothes are still made in Malaysia, right?


I guess coz we totally missed going overseas together so a quick trip would suffice. Oh yes, the whole point of us going there is to eat our favourite food and snacks. And that explains why I have the food pictures below, rather than our shopping loot.

She did get a pair of heels which look absolutely good on her ala J Lo. Coincidentally, her song came on air just as she decided to buy it. J Lo has spoken!

She had gone for an RM80 manicure and pedicure. Up to last Saturday when I met her, her nail polish still didn't cheap. It's an awesome value for money self pampering session for her.

Meanwhile, I love my food which includes a lunch at Nando's, pretzel from Aunty Anne's (way cheaper here) and Old Town white coffee and soft boiled eggs. Yum.

Other than that, we both shared the cost of Lovisa earrings that was selling for RM30 for 5 pairs. Normally, I would buy the dangly sort but they're not always practical for wear. So for the first time, I settled with studs but of course, they MUST have blings (can't help it).

While we managed to get in breezely, going home was a different thing. There were long queues but we got on the SBS Transit but because many of them went up the Malaysian buses to go to the Causeway. My friend was quite shocked to see some people barely up the bus, and the bus driver drove off already. Eek. Hence, our decision to stick to taking our own Singapore transport, LOL.

Overall, it almost ended up a disappointment but my friend saw another linkway earlier on, and we thought we would explore that side instead. That was where we got shoes and earrings. We could have explored futher but their department store was still under construction.

Oh yes, speaking of food, I got to takeaway TWO Subway sandwiches. If you don't know about this, Subway is not halal in Singapore and I don't think they have such plans in future to convert to a Halal establishment. So have no choice but to travel overseas if there's craving.

Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures below!

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