Sunday, May 31, 2015

Celebrating My Bro's Birthday..And How Proud I am of Him

My one and only younger brother had just turned 20 last Monday and through out the years, I felt that he had become more matured, still with the 'heck attitude of a typical teenager but has become more responsible. He is responsible towards his studies, his extra curricular activities, and more importantly, his family. So much so, he has decided to take on a  part-time job working after school on weekdays and full on during weekends. However, instead of just waiting for his job to start in the evening, he will put in time for his studies or project as this is also his most critical year in school. 

With that, I'm so proud of him. No doubt, I didn't force him but I felt that with him working part-time, he will be able to also learn valuable life skills that the school can't teach. Even though his main motivation is to help the family in a way that he could, I believe it will benefit him in more ways than one.

Next year, I hope to be able to graduate together with him. I can never forget the day when we went from polytechnic to polytechnic trying to 'beg' for a place for him because he didn't pass his Maths. I know he would rather be forgetting about that episode but it did burn his desire to do well now and to appreciate the fact that he managed to get into one after retaking his O levels. While I don't look down on ITE students, I felt that he could have done better which he proved me right when he eventually passed his Maths and had so far, coped well in his current school and trying his best to raise his GPA score.

To me, he will always be my adorable younger brother and what I do in my life is not just for myself but for him and my mother.

Happy Birthday, Hanafi!

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