I'm Back!!! And I Missed Writing

Gosh, do you miss me? Haha..I haven't been writing for a long while. I've gotten so busy that the last thing I want to do is to blog. I just want to surf the net, watch re-runs of my favourite you tube video clips (more on that) and also to just chill on the bed as and when I want to.

I've also not studied as much I have recently, not even during the O level and even the A level. Why? Simply because money is involved and I don't wish to repeat because you have to pay the full fees, without any subsidies, which totally sucked. Oh, and also because I hardly have time to study when I'm working and also running the online shop so I spend time as and when reading the lecture notes and studying the tutorials.

I guess that's the other reason why I tried to put in my best effort. I didn't want to do badly and then I may have to re-think on whether running the shop when I'm already tied up with a full time job and a part-time studies. But what kept me going is that I thought that there are people out there juggling with way more things than me and they're doing just fine. Yes, they sometimes need to sacrifice their sleep and some of their own personal leisure time. But they do what they have to do to secure a better future. 

I've harboured dreams of going to the SIM University, and while I do not know yet what degree I would like to pursue, just the thought of studying to get a degree gets me thinking that it shouldn't be an impossible thing to do. I was just thinking if I couldn't cope with my current diploma course, how can I ever think about going to a university? 

The papers were pretty tough and for the first paper, I struggled trying to complete because I wasted time doing a question which I didn't quite have the proper foundation. It's one of the topics which I just touch-and-go. But let's say I thought I could handle the questions. I actually rushed through the last few questions, though still being careful in trying to answer as accurate as possible and not just because I wanted to finish the papers.

I would say most people were struggling through the Econs paper, and so did yours truly. Though I managed to complete the papers, some of my classmates totally left out some questions because they couldn't answer them at all. I can't blame them though. We were like banking on answering the questions with formula but the paper turned out to be mostly theoretical. Oh dear. I have been praying that I get to pass the paper. I seriously don't want to re-take the paper. Don't wish to prolong the graduation year and mostly because I don't want to pay the full fund. Eurgh..

Life in general, I would say it's ok. Of course, I'm forever trying my best to save some money but it's been getting extremely difficult because my mum has been quite demanding with food takeaways. She's been feeling lazy and also assuming that I'm making quite a lot of side income, which alas, goes through the cracks to spending for the family on unnecessary food takeaways. I don't mind spending on groceries but defo nod takeaways. Let's face it, they're expensive and not as good as home cooked food.

I've also had trouble coping with the orders. And I came to a point one of the customers talked trash about me calling me names including being unprofessional, which trust me isn't true, simply because the postal delivery was delayed by one day. I would say that I'm partly at fault. I've been so busy that I actually couldn't give myself a grace period of at least two days to anticipate such delays.

From this month onwards, I will be careful and I've also got myself a new planner. I don't want life to past by in a whiz and then I asked myself, what have I done? I've not accomplished anything major. I'm always hoping life will be better for me and that I hope to experience financial freedom from my debt. I have been paying (honest!) and while I can't turn back time and alter my mistakes, I'm almost down to two cards which I'm hoping to do so by year end.

I wanna be like my good friend whose very secured financially. While people her age and status would be spending their time indulging themselves in good food and material goods, she actually trawled the neighbourhood shops and a shoe shop (where their brand is notorious for their 'buy and throw away' nickname) for a roomy bag that looks classy and chic, minus the heavy price tag.

I'm giving myself two years to clear all my debt. By age 35, I would have no more of this nonsense financial burden. 

Okay, I'm on a roll! I would be doing more blog posts, and this time with pictures which chronicle my life with friends and of course, the brother.

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