Trip Down Defunct Bukit Timah Railway Station & Nene Chicken

This was our third attempt in exploring the defunct Bukit Timah Railway Station. The first one, let's say it lasted for about 5 minutes or so until I got seriously ill and had to go to a nearby shopping mall to rest. Secondly, we were late and by the time we reached, it was too dark for us to explore, lest we want to see things that we didn't want to see, LOL.

But on that second trip, we decided to......

go Buona Vista and visit Nene Chicken for some yummeh spicy drumlets.

Happy Choice! But bring on the spizeee....

Waiting in excitement

Okay, mine wasn't soo spicy. I opted for theh boneless black sesame chicken fillet

I really love them and although the guy next door was quite annoying because he was quite noisy when eating. I think because he wanted to contain the spiciness by eating in such manner which resulted in a lot of smacking of lips, eurgh.

Anyway, we had to wait about 20 minutes or so for our order but I think it came earlier than that. Of course my brother was really happy because somehow, he's always the one discovering about such halal fast food outlets like these. No, in case you're wondering, this is not a food blog, haha. If you wanna try, they have two outlets. One at Star Vista and the other one is at Bedok Mall. Star Vista is a much smaller outlet and we're pretty lucky we got a corner seat, which by the way, was one of the only two corner seats there. Yes, that's how small it is.

Go to their facebook page here for more info on Nene Chicken.

Next, we would be trying Wing Zone for more chicken goodness.

So yes, back to our regular update.

About our trip, we FINALLY managed to explore to our fullest the Bukit Timah Railway Station before it turned dark. It was quite difficult walking on the murky mud and then on the tracks itself where they were surrounded by pretty big rocks. So most times, we were walking on the wooden planks of the railway.

Quite a balancing act, I must say.

 Enjoy the pics!

The majestic bridge

Former signage

Customary selfie

surrounded by overgrown grass

Close up of the tracks

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