Me, Jealous?

I wanted to talk about how I've been wasting food but it was only because of my carelessness and not because I am a spoilt brat when I didn't feel like eating it and merely throwing it away. But it was all settled. Apparently, the food didn't turn bad because I kept it in the fridge and merely forgot to bring home. And I finally found the ziplock bag of mini curry puffs  which I swore I had put inside but only found it the next day inside the same bag, LOL.

So I thought I switch gear and talk about how sometimes, admittedly, feel a tinge of jealousy for other people. I'm not one of those peeps whose jealousy can be so overwhelming they talk crap over at the social media without realizing it. I just unconsciously compare myself to them and thinking wow, how come I'm not like that. For example, weight loss. I know they work superbly hard for it and showing off on instagram or describe about their progress on facebook, and then I look at me and thinking eurgh, I'm showing no progress! haha..

But it's ok. I don't want to be too obsessed with weight loss. As I wrote in my previous post, I just have to be more conscious about what I consume and pick up tips along the way because I know my current problem area is my burgeoning tummy but I think because it's TOTM (it's a woman thing) and now it's doesn't look too hard and bloated. Still, it's work in progress. Aaah..yes. I think I should start acknowledging it as work-in-progress..hee.

So I figured that if you're discouraged by other people's progress and their lifestyle, remember that you don't know how hard they work behind the scenes. Just take it as a form of encouragement that someday you will be in that some position. Everyone progresses in their own time but what matters most is how determined you are in getting to that desirable position. Let them show off their progress because they are certainly proud of their hard work, pretty much how we would be proud ourselves except we're a little bit low key. After all, it's a personal achievement and that matters most.

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