Clarity is Power

I got the quote Clarity is Power from an author of a best selling financial book called Money: A Love Story  although technically that isn't her quote. It was from Barbara Stanny a financial coach. But to me, that quote rings true. You know what you're supposed to do to get what you want or to be where you want to be but are you putting your thoughts into action? What I like about the book is that she's saying that debt is neither a good or a bad thing. I also learn that I should I shouldn't blame myself for what happened because I know to me, it was not as if I wanted to buy myself some Coach or LV bag which resulted in me having credit card debt. It was me trying to feed my family because I wasn't earning enough and that I was having problems coping with the  inflation.

But God gave me the idea and intelligence to find another source of income which, in all the amounts I receive, help to contribute slowly to my savings. Yes, there are some points of time where I seem to move backward instead of forward but I can always hit the gear and vroom forward again and reach my destination quickly and safely, of course.

On Labour Day itself, I earned almost $30 which I placed back into my savings account. Starting from this month, I am not going to slack in life. In fact, over this first weekend, I have made close to my target number of handmade cards to sell at my online shop. Pray that they will generate income for me. I'm always thinking that I don't have time for them because of the custom orders that I have to make but I want to make it clear to myself that I CAN make time,  provided I put my mind to it. If I wanna experience financial freedom soonest, and of course, get rid of the annoying calls for more and more payments once and for all, I must put in the efforts to earn more.

Indeed, being clear of what you want to do and what you hope to achieve gives you a better focus in life. Whether it's for saving, to buy a new branded handbag or to simply have a better life, do know that Clarity is Power. The power to get out of the undesirable situation you are in and create a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

Good luck!

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