I want to be Rich

What a way to title the post. But really, I do want to lead a rich life in a sense that I don't always have to worry about money because money comes in all the time. I would say I'm making progress but I have the tendency to slide back and crawl back up again which is difficult for me. In a way, I admire myself in a way that I do think hard about the future and how I want to shape it. When we were young, people would always be asking what would you be when you grow up and they'll talk about having a bright future.

The thing is, the future can be a scary place. When I became a sole breadwinner, life until now hasn't been easy and I thank God that due to inflation and rising costs, I sorta become more creative in pulling in some money every now and then. Just like how in Singapore, the way they help the needy is that so long as they're able bodied and can work, they will provide a temporary financial solution while they upgrade themselves to get a better job so that they can continue to support their family.  I also know that there are other people who are worse off than me but they still choose to be giving and helping those around them who are just as poor or even poorer than them. 

But I can't always think, nah there are people way poorer than me. The way I see it now is that I still want a better and brighter future for myself and for my family. To do that, I have to be more open minded, be thankful for what I have and build up on what I already have to make it better than it is now. I still want to continue my studies even further at the university level. It's not just about having paper qualifications. It's about a sense of personal achievement.

I want to create my own luck. Some people may say oh they're lucky. We have to be open minded enough to dream and be able to fulfill it. Right now, my dream is to make my online shop as an alternative source of income and hoping to rake in money from there. I am determined to introduce new card designs to the shop and so I don't just depend on custom orders. I can imagine myself selling all my cards out every week the minute I launch them. I can dream, can't I? :)

I believe if I can put in more effort in making newer and better designed cards with general themes, generating enough interest on my instagram, facebook and blog, this dream is possible. Everyone has to start from somewhere. Do you think Bill Gates is a billionaire just like that? It started with the way of thinking and how you find opportunities where other people may not see. It's milking the knowledge from other talented people, see what are their strengths and make them our own.

So being rich in life is about arming ourselves with the right knowledge and being more open minded to create more enriching experiences for ourselves that we can only dream about.

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