Cutting Down to the Basics...Almost

I read an article recently from a website regarding how these ladies manage to save money for an event that they have planned, for example to make the downpayment for their house, to go on holiday and to simply save an amount of money by the end of the year. It's amazing how they just slash their expenses here and there down to the basic necessities just to save so that they can either get their dream home or their dream vacation.

I sometimes struggle to save and whenever I have saved an amount of money, oh look, something just crops up and I have to pay for something. Well, some things are just inevitable which is why we must always have an emergency fund, which is easier said than done, but it's doable. I took some pointers here and there, not just from this article, but from another article, on how they manage to clear their debt despite being in  a very low position in their life.

The point is, if they can focus on their goal, and what they want to ultimately achieve, they have to be willing to put in the time and effort plus make some sacrifices here and there for a taste of delayed gratitude. Do you think those 10K marathon runners simply just run and complete the race? They have practiced for months before they can actually run the actual race, making sacrifices of their time to practice and avoid certain food so that they don't put on weight and snack on food that can only provide them with empty calories and little nutritional value.


Back to the story of my life. I have reached a point where I am panicking that the money that I have tried to save is going to finish very very soon and I felt like I should be more careful about where the money goes. Very often we think we are 'safe' but how safe can I be in this volatile economy where prices of things just go up and up. A tip I picked up from a book I read about finance is to think whether you really need to buy that stuff you're eyeing and if you really don't, like it's just one of your unnecessary or frivolous purchase, that money you have saved, will go into a separate bag, like in my case, my coin pouch. 

I was back to the stage of being amazed when back then I was earning much lower than I am right now. Okay but back then too, things aren't so super ex like now. Still, I was a sole breadwinner and I kept borrowing from certain people so I'm not exactly in a good position either. I remembered whatever cash I have, if I wanted to buy something unnecessary, say a bag of chips, I will be thinking how much can I save from not buying that and buy something else instead for the family. Then, when it comes to the check out counter, I'm like..whoa, luckily I didn't buy that.

One habit I still keep from back then is to save coins and then I'll place them in the coin deposit machine after accumulating them a bit. So that week before pay day, all the coins I have saved will be deposited and the next one or two days, I'll get in cash form and I'll use it for another round of groceries. Or I'll use the money to top up my ez link card for transport.

Earning money on the side line is a good way to cushion ourselves apart from relying on just our monthly pay but the money coming in, well at least for me, can be erratic and I haven't reached a stage where my things are so popular they get sold off the minute I post them online. I'm just not one of your savviest marketeer around, haha. Anyway, everyone starts off from somewhere before they get a success break through. The point is to simply continue to keep your dream alive.

So don't worry peeps. If you're struggling like me, always think positive and think of ways you can help yourself and reach out for help where necessary and oh, be a little thick skinned. Just don't think that this is final. We have to keep going, no matter what. When I was at the lowest point of my life when money then was a big BIG issue, to a point I had trouble sleeping, I did what I could knowing that no matter what, the next day will come. I know I am not completely safe from that situation again and there's a chance of me returning to that low point but I just have to do my best and do what is necessary, even refraining myself from buying those snacks which I don't need (plus they're bad for my waistline too, LOL) to save whenever I can.

I used to loathe going to ntuc fairprice supermarkets because they're always so freaking crowded with people who bring their entire families and then the one nearest to my place, gosh, I have to go to almost the highest floor in the big mall just to get there especially during the crowded weekends..eurgh. Now I'm just used to it, haha. Long lines? problem! If I didn't bring my book along, I'll probably be busy cyber stalking celebrities on their instagram.

Another tip I learn is to write down your goals. You've probably heard this so many times but the thing is, do you actually write and follow them up every week or at least daily to keep yourself on track? Even the most successful and wealthiest peeps, before they go to sleep, they look through their goals on their bed, do some self reflection and just keep their eyes peeled on their desired outcome. 

Let us not be poor anymore and be crippled by the rising prices. We can still lead a normal life instead of always worrying about money because life is too short.


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