Achieve Greater Things in Life

I am in the state of wanting to do more this month because I feel like if I want to do something about my financial troubles, I must take the right action. No point avoiding the white elephant in the room because once we start to deny, the problems are just going to pile up. 

But no, I'm not here to talk about it as I've written it in my previous post. 

I want to talk about how we're always wanting to perform our best in whatever we do but  sometimes we forget about the things that matter more like how can we contribute to society and how can we continue to spread the kindness around when more and more people are getting more cynical and rude despite having high intelligence. It's like they're saying that they can say or do whatever they want but frown upon other people's actions. But let's not focus on them. We shall focus more on ourselves.

We're always thinking 'there's always tomorrow' but tomorrow for us, may or may not come so we must be blessed if we ever get to live to see another day. It is a day for us to learn new things and live as though it is our last which simply means having to live life to the fullest. Every now and then, I do worry about my weight like gosh, why can't I have flat abs like many of these peeps around me or look as slim as those girls walking past me.

But I am reminded that as long as I continue to live a healthy lifestyle, like watching what I eat, drink more green tea even though time and again, I can never like the taste but whatever. I still go to the gym once a week and work my schedule around it, if I have other appointments, not the other way round. I continue to only indulge in canteen food which includes a cheese hotdog with a little bit of rice and some other side dishes such as either eggs or vegetables. The rest of the days, I alternate between oatmeal and nestum cereals eaten with lint seeds and ground flaxseed. Not very appetizing, I must say, haha. Oh yes, as I am a bread lover, I make an effort to eat wholemeal bread every day too. Speaking of reminder, I must really make an effort to drink chinese tea, both green tea and oolong tea, twice a day. I'm always too lazy to make the second cup even though it's just a matter of putting in a tea bag and dispense hot water. Go figure.

To be healthy, you can't afford to be lazy. I don't want to be so 'hard core' like some people I follow on IG such as doing those strenuous exercises almost every day just to be so trim even though they are already healthier looking or to refrain themselves from eating all those good food, even a tiny morsel, but complain loundly on social media how they can't eat this or that..pfft. But seeing the group of people they mix around with, I can understand why this fascination with wanting to look good. Most of us girls may look like we're so highly confident on the outside but inside, God knows how we feel when we start comparing ourselves to other people.

In short, I don't want to think too much about how much I weigh because it's just a number. So I stop weighing myself unless I want to be depressed. I just do what it takes to look and feel healthier without torturing myself.

Plus, there are other more important things in life that I want to achieve. I want to take my online shop to greater heights. I remembered once thinking how I wish I got more orders to start saving at a time when I'm not receiving any orders at all and anyone in my position would just give up. I just continue to do what it takes, keep promoting my facebook page and simply not care about whether sales start streaming in. Nike can't say it any better. I JUST DO IT.

As I'm down to my last order, I am in need of new orders again. Sigh. I feel like I'm back to square one. Is it God's way of telling me to slow down? Haha..I don't know. Nevermind, I'll pray before going to sleep for God to help me keep the orders coming because He knows I try my mighty best for every single order because I'm relying on them greatly to keep my humble shop going. I don't want to go back to being so poor I'm counting every dollar and worry a lot about how to feed my family the next few days. 

Other things include travelling to Australia and getting a better  paying job. My boss was furious with me last Friday for submitting not one or two but three late payments. Technically, they're not late yet but she's so paranoid about late payments after the last audit, she's breathing down my neck for it and at first I thought it was annoying for her to ask my colleagues to help me out. But at the end of the day, I feel like I should be thankful to them for helping to lighten my burden a bit. I just have to play my part better so that I won't be caught in such position anymore.

For my family, my mum has long wanted to buy a new smaller and more open table, which means, no bulky drawers in between, for the tv set. I know many of you may think that gosh, it's so inexpensive nowadays especially with IKEA, Courts mega sales but the way I think is that they're furniture and furniture costs more. Can't imagine forking out $200 plus for it. Er, can't say much about spending on the materials for my online shop because the way I see it, I make money from it. Furniture is like, there you go, a decorative piece. We'll see. I do want to save up for it so that she will stop talking about it ;p

See, there are so many things that I want to achieve in life but the journey is not without obstacles. To me, it's not the destination that matters but the journey itself and how we slowly overcome each and every obstacle.

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