What.A.Week (Make it 2 Weeks!)

Yes, my disappearance has a reason. I started school the second week of Jan and I have been busy non-stop. Oh gosh. Okay but I haven't been busy every single day. There are like two days at most in the week that I simply couldn't care less because I have been waking up super early, that is after returning home super late after class. I just am rather tired. This week, I would say that I'm a little better off. I want to remain productive and there are some days that I feel like I am productive but the problem is, I need to keep this up. 

They say that being busy doesn't mean that you are being productive. True. You can be busy the whole day doing the things that don't really matter that much.  We want a wham bam thank you m'am, kinda productivity, haha. I mean come on, once that hours, minutes and seconds are gone, you are not gonna a 'back to the future' moment. It's totally gone. So I have re-started on my 'to do list' for the umpteenth time but I am have slowly but surely begun to stick to plan. I also learn the times that I am most productive, which uhm, includes waking up in the early morning to do some work or even study. I just simply, for the life of me despite the many times I have tried to remind myself, do work after a rest coming home from work. 

So I have begun accepting that as my fate unless of course, I am absolutely rushing for time and that is how I have to manage it, then I jolly well have to do.

By the way, what have I been up to lately?

I am going to have 2 ICAs which is Individual Continual Assessments, in other words, TEST. It's just a fancier longer version of it. This one involves group work so I have to work with 3 other members for them. So we have our first group discussion last week on a Sunday, no less, at a the PUBRC which is just a few bus stops away from my place actually. Usually I would spend my morning working on my online shop orders but that morning itself, I had it replaced with the group discussion. Of course I could not bail out on gym so after that, I went for gym. 

So this us in discussion..okay, more like for our selfie shot.

One of our members was involved in an accident that morning itself, but she's okay, just that the bumper of her car was damaged. However, she was still sporting and came to meet us in the late afternoon in that same car. 

My team leader is very very on and very focused so yah, glad we have him in our group.  He's a pretty popular guy and very helpful and well liked by our classmates so did I mention we're glad to him in our group? hehe. His IT background makes it easier for us to share our research findings online. 

Yup, that reminds me..I have to continue with research work later too. Groans.

Other than that, for my online shop, I have *drumroll please* finally finished the 327 card order! OMG. Of course I had some help because my time management isn't fantastic enough for me to do those cards because I know myself well. There are times I am productive, there are times I just feel like I don't wanna do anything, which is very very bad and I promise to change that, from today onwards. 

More on that on a separate post but it gave me some cool moolah which of course, half has been dutifully deposited into my other savings account, which will be done in a separate post too.

Oh, my friends and I met up. One of them is flying to Australia (wait for me, in 2 and a half years' time!) and the other one is prepping herself for a big major change in her life. We were supposed to go for a picnic at the Sentosa beach but as we were walking through the Sky Park in Vivocity, we decided to park ourselves there for a little picnic. So parked, we did!

Forever with my messy hair..

My friend is so well toned...

I'm happy for my friend because she has made an investment in a...Condo! I wanna be like her. I mean, not own a condo, but I want to be able to be on track with my savings, spend wisely and just be a kindhearted person well-liked by others for her warmth and friendliness. She is like everyone's bestie. I'm happy to be her friend. She definitely doesn't let herself be ruled emotionally easily. In contrast, she is proud of me too.

Awww shucks moment there.

So this week is no difference. I resolve to finish up my second major order by tonight (fingers crossed) and do some research for my test because we have to submit it this Wednesday. That is pretty much the summary of my life.

Honestly, I like where I am now, despite my busy status, and I don't forget to enjoy life as well. I am glad for being given such opportunities which is to study, run an online shop and get orders every now and then and have such great people in my life. I don't care if I'm not well off but I do care about having to save up. I may have failed before because always something will come up. This year I am determined to make it different.

Let's all be on target this year :)


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