Harrowing Experience..& True Friendship

Some people only know how to laugh and some people lend a helping hand even when it

means having to dig through the rubbish bins. No, seriously. She did that first and when

I came and I still couldn't find the stack of cheques (and seriously thought I was a goner),

we went behind and dig through the bins with bags of rubbish.

Guess what? The one who laughed at my misfortune for 'losing the cheques'? Turned

out, she was the one who was holding on to them. She had been helping me update the

spreadsheets and then suddenly, amnesia struck her and she didn't realise she was holding

on to them.

But I can't totally fault her. Why? For the life of me, I couldn't remember how on earth

the cheques were with her. I kept thinking I had the brown envelope that was holding on

to cheques and clumsy had thrown it out without prior checking.

I prayed to God when I found out that the cheques were missing. I prayed that He would

help me so that I won't lose my job and we would find the cheques. After checking

numerous times, I really thought I was a goner and all our efforts proved futile.

However, God is great and in times of our needs, He render help.

Not every day is a great day and sometimes we entertain ourselves with thoughts that

make us question life on days when things aren't going so great. But I always believe

if we could pray for the dark clouds to quickly fade, we will see a beautiful rainbow. If

we're lucky enough we can see a double rainbow.

I am also lucky because I've got two caring colleagues and even my boss helped to search

even though she was busy herself. These are people who God will kindly reward them

with abundance because of their kind heartedness.

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