Little Perks in LIfe as Reward

I receive a cheque recently on New Year's Eve (talk about good timing) and I started 2014 on a good note, at least financially. And I also watched this video some time ago where it talked about not holding on to the fact that you have used the money to pay bills or treat other people because 'there's plenty more from where that came from'. If you treat someone, the universe will respond back and you'll get more. Of course you don't go through life EXPECTING to be responded back in that manner because whatever you do, do it with sincerity from your heart. Don't think, 'eh...I'll get more money after this! hurhur'.. It's not going to work like that, peeps.

Plus, it's always nice to make others happy, right? It's already rare enough for me to treat, like the last time we went to Breeks together, it was in 2011. Even then, I didn't pay in cash but on credit. For a long while now, I don't rely on credit but on cash or via wireless transactions, such as direct debit from my account. It's harder but it's even harder to owe money and not being able to pay back.

So yes, I struggled but I am hoping that this year, I don't struggle anymore financially. There were ups and downs moments but I want to keep the momentum. I don't want to go through life again like in late October and November where every single freaking day, I prayed to be able to pull through the next day with whatever cash I have. No more of that ordeal! I thank God that He helped me pull through eventually and I am not about to be stingy on my family. If I have any excess, I will spend on them. They keep me motivated to do more for my online shop, despite my full time work and part time studies, because the extra moolah, no matter how small, help to contribute to the family income. I do get flak for not charging this or that, like I could simply receive much more but you know, sometimes I am easily contented. My main motivation of running the shop is not to get an insane amount of money but simply be able to supplement my income for the fam right up to the next pay day. 

So sometimes treat can only come as a rare one but I don't mind because it makes the occasion even more special like it's worth it. I see it as a reward for hard work and if I want to continue to enjoy little perks like this, I simply work harder and not take it for granted that it's gonna come down from the skies just like that.

Here's to a better 2014 ahead with me *hopefully* earning more :)

My New Year dinner at Breeks with my brother. Enjoy the pictures!

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