The Stories of Our Lives

Me and a couple of my besties had not met for the longest time and the last time we met, was back in October when we went for swimming. At least the two of us were swimming, okay attempted to swim, heh..while another one was simply just tanning herself and waddling from one corner to another, haha. So anyway, didn't know that a matter of just a few months, give or take simply 3 months only, many things had happened. Today we shared news about each other's lives and while we each have different directions in life, it's clear that we do not know how the future is going to be like and the point is to just take it one day at a time and see how it goes.

One of our friends did share a news so shocking that we both were in disbelief at first but I tried to keep the conversation going because I didn't want it to be an awkward session. We could only listen, empathize with her situation and then praying for the best for her. It is a really difficult situation to be in and while the future is uncertain for her, at least there's something that is going to happen that will hopefully shed some light on those people who refuse to face up to the truth and letting ego be in the way.

For myself, I am taking project after project to keep the cash flow coming in so that not only will my family has some income to fall back on until the next pay day, but also to finance my studies. The good thing now is that my MOE bursary application for part-time students like me has been approved and I have been granted the full $400.00 based on my per capita income. This may look like instant shopping money (yay to more shoes & bags!) but nope, it's not (nay to more shoes and bags....) because it will be going towards paying for my school fees for the next semester. I don't know when actually but I don't want to be in the situation where they drop the bomb on me and I have no cash and I tell ya, I will break down for sure. I know I'm still having a full-time job but I can't use much of it to finance my studies. I can, however, use the excess money that I have such as from bonuses, much like the last time I used my mid year bonus to  partially for the module fees. 

Here I am struggling to make ends meet, forward thinking about how I am going to come up with the money so that I can still provide for my family, and not deprive them, while other people are struggling too financially. Sometimes we get thrown in situations where we least expect it and it's either you run away from it or face up to the truth. Sure the truth can be so hard to swallow but it's already there and there are tears to shed, angry words fly around, the silent treatment given, and yet, the next day is going to come. The future is not going to go away. 

I always tell myself to take it one day at a time. No point going to the past because we can't undo our mistakes. Sometimes, things happen because we weren't able to think clearly at that point of time for so many reasons but if they happen, we can't just let it slide. They may affect our lives in big ways and suddenly all the plans we have, they will be either be put on hold or simply discarded. But I always believe that the Higher Power is here with us in every step of our way. He knows better than us. 

To both of my dear friends, just like me, I don't know what the future holds. But no matter what happens, we are here for each other and let's not break the bond of friendship. This is one thing that will never change.


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