Saving for My Future 2.0

The one single tip which I believe everyone should follow is...

'Pay Yourself First'

When you get moolah, like your take home pay or earnings from your business, I suggest to have a separate account and get a portion of your salary, or the whole of your earnings, into that account. My aim this year is to save about $2K in the other account. 

There is one problem though. I don't want to come into a stage where I have to dip into that savings, which I had done last year on a few counts, which got me so upset. But no more, absolutely no more. Once I get in touch with a tip that I got from one of those motivational videos, is that whenever I have to pay bills, buy groceries from my family or even treat them, I have to think this way 'There is plenty more from where that come from' and I believe that money will come in, slowly for surely for some, or fast and aggressive for other people.

I am really glad that I have this online shop but my other challenge is to keep the moolah coming in. One of the ways for me to get it coming in, in short spurts, is to continue to challenge myself. I want to challenge myself by thinking of creative products to make, based on the orders I receive, or simply new products to get the attention from other people and hopefully get them ordering.

I don't want to make it a pressurizing issue for me to save a lot but save within my means. That is another takeaway which you can get from this post. If you can only save $50.00 per month based on that income, so be it. The important thing is that you must be committed into saving that $50.00. If you can save a bit more, like if you have additional income from a pay raise or bonus, contribute more. 

I would also like to be able to clear my debt. I am quite close to clearing one of my debts and I know it is going to be a major feeling of satisfaction like something just lift off your chest. Let's make it a motivation for this year as well.

My other friend has been working for the last 8 years, and she has been consistent in saving and also careful in what she buys. She doesn't make impulse purchases. She thinks twice before purchase. Despite working in a bank, where everyone knows bankers can earn quite a hefty salary, she's still grounded when it comes to money issues. Really salute her. She does have her indulgence and that is travelling and the good thing and she travels mostly for the experience rather than as a shopping trip which many people tend to focus on when they are overseas.

So let's make it a Saving for My Future 2.0. I really hope that there won't be a 3.0 unless it means improving the current system. I want to lead a rich life, not in terms of wealth, but having to enjoy the moments without thinking about 'how am I going to survive the next day with just this much of money only' 

I hope God can help me in this journey. If I can save $2000 at least by end of June this month, I'll reward myself :) Not sure what would that be but I hope it's something dear to me where it signifies a milestone for me in terms of saving for the future.

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