Taking Small Actions Every Day

When you look at the big picture, or looking at the list of things that you have to do is so daunting and all you want to do is curl up in bed, I know exactly how you feel. It's like there are times I think, do our life revolve around this only? Lists and lists of things to do?

But then I figured the usefulness of figuring out what are the things that I have to do each day and they don't always have to be an incredibly boring list. Basically, I treat it as something that I want to achieve in doing to have a better quality of life and to provide better things for the family.  Sure, the excel formulas can get rather confusing, or the online quizzes seem to pluck out the questions from outer space. But as I go along learning them, and slowly getting passed the difficulty through understanding and several practices, I see them as stepping stones to something bigger in future: a certificate and a diploma at the end of the ordeal programme. The presentations that I have do also make me a better individual where I am able to project myself out clearly to others by knowing the right things to say and capturing their attention.

One of my biggest problem is productivity and motivation. I think they both go hand in hand. Previously I talked about not having to wait around for motivation to come about but to simply start now. So the next thing I need to tackle is productivity.

My brother showed me an article online that is so useful, I think I ought to share here. However, I couldn't find that article. Instead, I found another one that is just as useful and you have to read if you have productivity issues like me. 

The main thing to do is to be productive every single day. Oh, and to get yourself a calendar also so that you can mark out a big red X to signify hey, you have been productive this day. Don't think too much of the past like regretting not doing this or that, or be scared about how the future would be like. Conquer today first. Break down your tasks into manageable portions and work on it every day. Wanna lose weight? Do something daily that will contribute to the weight loss. Wanna save money? Try saving your loose change each day or watch your spending by eliminating the things that you don't need to buy. Wanna write more blog posts? Schedule about minimum 10 minutes each day to write a simple blog post and on days you have more things to write or have more pictures to post, then dedicate more time for it, like me, you would notice I  write more or post pictures on weekend.

Why don't you read the article below so you can get the gist of what I have been talking about. I think it will really boost your productivity level. Everyone is given 24 hours a day. But it's a matter of being committed in finding the time, whether you have to wake up earlier, or typing out the draft on the phone while commuting..it's basically trying to make good use of the whatever time you have.

Productivity Secret

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