What Have We Become

I admitted before I'm not that intelligent. Occasionally, I will make somewhat intelligent responses but most of the time, I'm just your average clueless drama mama. I was doing research online regarding cyberbullying and one of them happened in Singapore in November last year and it was mind blowing how an intelligent undergrad can do a despicable thing in name calling another fellow undergrad from the same uni and then asked his fellow friends to chime in as well, in what I term, as immature. I thought days like this happened in primary schools or even secondary school where we didn't know any better and don't see the repercussion of bullying other people. But we're talking about undergrads here.

What is absolutely going on.

On top of that, a former politician and activist joined in as well by contributing a very degrading sexist remark which has nothing to do with her actual post. It's a good thing he has resigned. You don't want such highly intelligent people but with extremely low EQ to be part of the nation building. Whatever other people have said to defend his act which they said that he was just trying to drive a point, I seriously don't see any point. A sexist remark is a sexist remark. 

Apart from that, I'm also troubled with another thing. It has made me and another person upset and worried. It's beyond us and we didn't know how far off it has lead to. I always remember that I'm not living for myself only in this world. I do what I have to do not just for my own benefit but for my family's benefit because they are after all, my pillar of support. We may have disagreements here and there but one thing for sure is that I don't wish to separate myself from them and that I'm not living in a cocoon of my own world.

Therefore, I don't want to be all selfish or self absorbed and looking at the world through a tinted glass. Sure, we do not know what we have in store for us tomorrow but the things we do such as the way we conduct ourselves, the decisions that we have made, we have to understand the implications of them. How can we expect people to understand us when here we are, being so selfish as though the world owes us a living.

Let us be more gracious and let us make better choices in life, without being ruled too much by our inner emotions. We're worth much more than that.

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