Walking Down Empty Streets in Tanjong Pagar

Despite the initial hiccup of taking the train from the wrong side, we reached Tanjong Pagar almost 7.30pm at night. This is like the station to get down to enter the CBD area or Central Business District that consists of Shenton Way & Raffles Place. So it's no surprise this place will be full of working people who spend their mornings and evenings in cramped trains besides battling with the crowds during lunch. However when we reached there on a Saturday night, it was practically like a ghost town.  There are the usual food restaurants and coffee outlets like Coffeebean and Starbucks found in shopping centres along the footway and the ground floor of the office buildings but they're all closed. You can expect them to be opened in shopping centres because of the crowd but here, they specially cater to the working crowd. So even on weekdays, they will close by 7pm?

The ones that are opened are Cheers and 7 Eleven which are 24 hours and we went there because my brother said the 7 eleven has some seats for you to sit down and have your heated up pre-packed meals or sandwiches. I know, we went all the way just to go to 7 Eleven..LOL..but for someone who dislikes crowd especially the weekend crowd, it was perfect for him. However, while he could still go on a weekday after his school has ended because there will still be people walking most likely the ones who work around there, he had to go with me because he will be one of those lost lonely souls walking..haha.

After that, we went to Springleaf towers McDonald's because it has a McCafe and he has a card which entitles us to a free drink, which we sheepishly chose the most expensive one. At least here, the crowd was much more even though there was still plenty of seats. Some of them were not really here to eat but to study. Probably one of those McDonald's where they could study without being told off, not that I'm suggesting you go there to study.

It's very near Tanjong Pagar MRT station if you fancy a McDonald's that don't have the usual crowd of other outlets. 

So here are some random pictures of me, taken by my brother without me knowing of course, and Shenton Way on a Saturday night.

Even the roads were almost empty

Eating a sandwich at 7 eleven..and scratching my head

McCafe at McDonald's Spring Leaf towers

Waiting for our food

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