Outlet Haul from Anchorpoint

The first time I heard about Anchorpoint was via a beauty blogger who gets her stuffs from Cotton On in Anchorpoint where the items have the prices marked down compared to the regular outlets. I remembered going there and yah, while the things there were indeed marked down, they're not really fantastic.

However, after watching a second video from a local vlogger regarding her haul at Anchorpoint especially the one where she went to the Charles and Keith outlet store, I was sold. So many nice shoes and their prices are mostly marked down! However, not all stock are available but there's plenty to choose from. I know I'm not really a shoes person judging from my current footwear which comprises of sandals that cost $10 per pair. However, my friends recent comments that I don't look dressed up when I go out with them, despite the make up and the new dress or blouse, I feel like I don't put in effort. So I was hoping maybe I could find myself a decent pair of sandals over there.

I have no idea why but I'm kinda thankful that my feet size are pretty big at that point of time because they have shoes of my size! :D It's really true their heels and sandals are pretty and I don't get why they're not in the regular retail stores. But they have to keep up with the trends I suppose so these are old stock. 

The bags are also nice and marked down as well and I almost got two bags but pay day isn't in yet and still a week away at that time so I didn't want to be too greedy. I actually chose a pair of sandals already but as I walked to venture round the shop, I saw another pair, albeit nicer, and *gulp* it's in my size and only 19.90! Marked down by 50%!

I used to love the shoes from Charles & Keith but they're so ex now compared to back then and their quality is now sub par like they don't really last nowadays. So I don't bother paying full price for it and just await their warehouse sales. But I don't know if I'm not updated or something but they don't seem to have one this year so this is the closest that I can find.

I also got myself a top from Cotton On for just $10 and I think the regular stores are selling it at either $15 or $19.90. 

Here's my outlet haul!

I am loving the pink bag!  The shoes are not broken in case you're wondering. I just was trying it out earlier. See the marked down tag?

Verdict:  I am definitely coming back and I promise to work harder so that I can reward myself with another pair of shoes and bag :P 

So if you're budget conscious, or don't wish to spend a lot of money on things that have a pretty short life span, Outlet stores are great to shop at. By the way, if you think that Esprit clothings are expensive ( I know I do), they have an outlet store in AMK Hub just next to Ang Mo Kio bus interchange. I believe it's the second level.

Where's this Anchorpoint you ask? 

It's just opposite Ikea Alexandra. You can refer to the map below or click on the link:


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