Swimming Lessons & Korean Food

A week ago, my usual group of friends (Err..all two of them..LOL) did an activity which we had NEVER done together before and that is...to swim! Okay, technically we didn't really swim although there were attempts to swim but it wasn't full on lap to lap. Yes, at least we attempted but one of my friends totally did a crawl from one end to another and after the whole swimming/tanning/relaxing time, it was only because she didn't want to get her hair wet in the chlorine water..haha! But she was so sporting as in she at least did go into the swimming pool with us, with her branded sunglasses and all.

I even had some swimming lessons taught by my other friend not because I couldn't swim, but I couldn't swim well. Being in the water can be relaxing and fun..but not when you had drowned once before in your life. That was many years back but I could still recall bouncing up and down the choppy waters. Still kudos to me because I didn't totally suffer from the phobia and managed to overcome it, bad swimming and all..haha.

Oh yes, a little side note, I actually had some difficulty going in and one of my friends was patient enough to wait for me and noticing something was not right.I couldn't use my ez link card because mine was the flash pay card and I had to buy the token card instead. After buying the token card for a one time entry, I couldn't get in because I didn't place the card on the right sensor. It was so misleading that the officer in charge had to see what was going on because the machines kept beeping simply because I tried to enter one after another machine..haha!

Anyway, going out had just one mini problem. The gate still buzzed because I scanned the card at one machine and tried to go out through the gate of another machine..ha! I was like..nobody saw that..but my friend went..too late! I saw that.

I am so ridiculous sometimes. But being in the waters do give you this calming effect like you don't feel like going out and just want to shrivel to a prune. Feeling stressed? Just go for a relaxing swim or simply soak in the waters.

Anyway, on to the pictures.

The customary poses, prior to the swimming!

Our lunch was special though. We had Vietnamese food..yumz. After our last Korean lunch, we now had Vietnamese food instead. We are so international. The soupy noodle dish was so yummeh that for one of those rare moments, I finished the food before them. I also had the traditional Vietnamese 'popiah' or vegetable spring roll, not sure the exact name, which I lurve coz it's so healthy and all although my friend preferred the fried versions.

Another friend had their traditional Vietnam tea which taste, OMG bitter, but she could take it..ha. 

The delicious food!

This shop was located in Arab Street and the last time we went Arab Street together was in 2009 where we had this special Exploring Singapore trip. One of the pictures we took, I was looking grouchy while my friend looked hungry and she wanted to recreate the looks we had.

Posing with the food

Recreating the 'famous' picture

The picture back in 2009 which my friend referenced to! Gosh, I did look unhappy..haha

In case you want to know which halal Vietnam restaurant that we visited, here's the facebook page.


So fun being with these girls. Nothing is planned as of yet but I am already looking forward to going out with them again!

Where shall we go next? Ha..thinking thinking.

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