Embarking on A New Journey - Study Plans

So tomorrow is the D Day. After the longest time ever since I last left school (more than 10 years ago? whoa..) and now I'm going to a local institution. I thought this day would never come because of the fees as private courses tend to have higher fees. But the government understands the need for us to upgrade and they make courses affordable in some local institutions such as the polytechnics, which if you have read my previous post, is what I will be joining.

I am not like totally nervous but I am definitely worried about having to meet new people and trying to work my dusty brain again. While every now and then, I do join courses which last from 1 to 3 days, and in the process I meet new people too who work in the government sector as well, this to me is an entirely different thing. It requires commitment for next 2 and a half years and sacrifice because 3 of my weekday nights will be occupied, right after work. 

I don't know how I am going to pull through this but somehow, I am confident I can tackle this full on. Meanwhile, I gotta be more careful with how I spend my money. Although I have paid the fees for the first module, which includes course materials, I just received an email stating that I have to buy the textbooks which cost $27 and $34 respectively. Eeps. Looks like I have to totally cut down my expenses on my hobby. While I could cope with the expenses, recent 'money drops' have seen me spending a biiit more..heh. Plus two local scrapbooking stores make Rahayu a very happy girl.

But now, I have to think twice. There are 3 places where I will spend money when I get the moolah for my crafting needs. After that, if I really really want something then I'll get it but just that item only. No adding on. I will also work harder to run my online shop which includes making ready made cards and promoting the items in my shop every now and then so that people know what I'm selling. I'll do whatever it takes to help my online shop although flea markets are out of the question..ha. I don't believe if I don't do flea markets I won't be successful. It's just not my preferred way of marketing.

I will also think twice when I do grocery shopping. Some things are inevitable like seriously have to buy coz the MUM says so but if there is a way of cutting costs, I will definitely do. I believe that you can spend the money on the things that you want, not necessarily need, as long as you can cope with the expenses and don't go beyond what you can't afford. Food for thought.

I seriously hope I won't give this up halfway. It's taken me so long to reach this stage and I don't want to come to a point I cannot cope with the fees anymore despite me having a full time job. I want to make this work. I really do. Even if I have to crawl to school, I will but I hope I don't..haha.

So like what the Koreans will say...FIGHTING!


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