Celebrating My Birthday in 2013 - Part Two (Sky Park)

Eek, long overdue post but no matter what, still have to post considering how many pictures we took. You know there are people who are pretty stingy about certain things but are generous enough to spend money on other things like let's say, they don't splurge on expensive handbags and would rather use it to go travelling and see the world.

It's about selective spending on what you truly love and in this case, would like to experience. This is me trying to convince I just paid $20.00 for access to the top of the Marina Bay Sand Hotel at one end only..haha. There's no infinity pool view because you either have to be staying as hotel guests. But once you're up there, you will know that you're $20.00 is pretty much justified because the view was fascinating as you could see various parts of Marina Bay and even beyond in all its beautiful glory.

The transition from day to night was amazing when the city lights came on and the view became breathtaking as you took in the quiet sight of the beautiful night sky. Gosh, I'm talking in poetry now..haha. They do have certain regulations though when you are up there like no sitting on the deck but then again, rows of people were sitting along the aisle. I mean you can't always be standing there. Having a picnic is a no no, of course.

So enjoy the pictures! I truly enjoyed my birthday experience. Though this year's birthday didn't translate to many gifts, which probably attribute to me getting older..haha, I still enjoy the moments spend with the colleagues, friends and family.

Next up, my post will include the birthday celebration with my two good friends. One of them was so thoughtful. She organized a karaoke session because she knew how much I LOVE KARAOKE, as if that wasn't emphasized enough.

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