Connecting the Dots

I once watched this tv movie and he talked about how the comics characters are made up fuzzy dots and they all connect together. Pretty much like our lives, these dots look fuzzy at first but they'll connect, maybe not now but later in life. 

So something that you do right now which other people may think that it's not significant, say..taking a third language course in French, learning how to do scrapbooking, taking up a calligraphy or baking class, which others may say..pfft..what's the point, waste of time etc etc..but you'll never know if they will be useful to you in future. Just like how Steve Jobs took up a calligraphy course and his mac has beautiful typography influenced by his stint during the classes.

Not only that, when you have to do things like taking two or three jobs at different times, while you're working on the early developments of your business, and they have no relation whatsoever to the business. However, they may provide a good source of building blocks as you learn to interact with people, networking and then these people can be your future customers and help you to share by word of mouth about your new business project. These jobs also provide as a source of income to fuel your upcoming business and make it alive. Sure it's time consuming juggling with several jobs or even one full time job that takes up all your hours in the day and even some at night. But they connect the dots to something bigger and more fulfilling in the future to get the business and life that you have always envisioned.

Like how one mother was retrenched from her job and then she turned to baking to make some side income for the family. Then now she's a successful baking teacher. She didn't think that one day, her baking lessons would prove fruitful for her. Sure there were teething problems in the beginning but they will all fall into place nicely if you are patient and never let your passion die.

For myself now, I am struggling right now in making some income from my online shop and even though it's a tad bit heartbreaking especially when I get queries or even prepared drafts, it didn't pan out as planned. But I still carry on and continue building up on my promoting my products, by advertising in an open facebook group, making promotional posters, writing blog posts and some other stuffs. I don't think about how much extra effort I have to put in. I just do what I should do and hope that my efforts will be paid off with future sales income.

So keep your passion burning and even if it's not conventional, something far off from what other people will do, these dots will somehow connect :)

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