Celebrating My Birthday in 2013 - Part Three (Vivocity & Seoul Garden Hotpot)

Finally, the last part of my birthday celebration in September! 

Yes this sort of thing ought to be blogged about no matter how late..haha. Anyway, my friend Natasha had it all planned out and I really really appreciate it because we had our SECOND karaoke session all because she knew how much I love our KTV session. And finally I get to eat korean food which is one of my favourite food of course. Too bad one of our friends couldn't join us for that but no matter, it was a great lunch.

The funny thing was that we were served by the same person throughout. From ushering us to our table, taking our orders, serving our food and then making payment to him when we leave. LOL. He really lived up to an expectation of a supervisor, a young one at that. Plus he even wished me Happy Birthday. That is so sweet.

Oh yes, he even took our photos when we asked him as he was passing by. Talk about multi-tasking!

Look at those yumz food!

After our karaoke session, when we stepped out, we were facing a shallow waterpool where you can wade in but of course, you cannot swim. But then again there were parents who came prepared with their children in swimming costume. Er, free access?

It was nice to just chill out at the sides and of course, phototaking comes with it too.

Since we can't swim and water has this mesmerizing cooling effect, we decided on a swimming outing in the next two week, which I will post up here soon! Got the pictures..heh.

So now it's time to unwrap the pressies!

Kewlness, I got a $10 papermarket voucher and a gym bag to replace the one I had with a broken zip. Life's sweet! I have yet to use the voucher and I'm planning to use it on a Martha Stewart punch because it's pretty ex and at least I can use it over and over again, making the $10 voucher all the more worth it.

Life's sweet when people remember your birthday and make the efforts to celebrate it with you, be it friends, colleagues and family.

I thank God for them. 

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