Physical Attraction vs Charming Personality

I pondered over this issue recently this week if I am willing to bypass physical unattractiveness, according to me, versus the charming and sweet personality. What stirred this kind of thoughts? Well, read on to find out. LOL, like some shameless promotion.

Anyway, the story started like this. Last week, I helped a colleague from the secondary school who came down with her Admin Manager or AM to key in the budget because this was her first time. I did once before and my boss nowadays always assume that I know everything or if I don't know, I can find out easily. Hrmph. So yah, before they came down I studied the workbook from the course I attended previously because I don't think I want to teach them the wrong things.

I helped the AM retrieve some files for him to study while waiting for my colleague to key to study some things because he was pretty new. Then, after that he tried to make small talk with me asking if I ever go up to the secondary school to try their cafeteria food. I said I tried the canteen food and I didn't like the mee siam and I guess I said with such distaste because seriously, it ain't nice especially since it gave me a tummy ache the next day :/ I didn't say that but he was like saying I should give it another chance and try their other dishes because they're better. I said well, I don't want to buy their food ever again. Yes, I can be stubborn at time. Tummy ache, mind you. Painful affair.

He didn't want to sit down and he was pretty helpful even though it wasn't his office by attending to walk in people. But I had to step in because it wasn't nice plus he probably won't know anything.

So LONG STORY short, just early this week, I saw a packet of lontong which is a type of Malay dish with rice cakes and rich gravy made from coconut milk. If you read my posts before, I don't eat food that contains coconut milk or cream. Simply for health reasons. Not because I dislike the taste because food with coconut milk are rich and oh so sinful.

Argh, I'm making the story longer, aren't I? I thought it was from one of the teachers because occasionally they buy food for us. That was until the receptionist said the secondary school AM came down to see me to pass the food but she told him I am not in yet. Then I asked if he bought it for everyone but then she dropped the bombshell saying that no, he got it for me only.


That was awkward.

The more awkward moment was when I heard from my own AM that he was coming down because their side was still short of two booklets. Oh no.....So he came down, and my AM asked him to go to me to get the booklets and *gulp* I had to act busy but my heart was beating fast. Then as he was signing he asked me how was the food and I said oh, I was going to eat it for lunch. He said later it would be cold. Anyway I thanked him for the food. 

The truth is, I gave it away, heh...

Then last Friday when I came up to their office to send an envelope for courier and some food from my AM for CNY, he was there and he was so elated saying that I was welcomed there and I can sit at one of their empty tables. After that I went to that same colleague to help her with something else, which according to him, I came at the right time. Why do these two AMs think I am that capable? 

Okay, I don't know if he's single or married though I think he has this married look..haha .I don't know if there's such a thing. But seriously, to me he's not physically attractive in my books but it got me thinking in general. Is that how other people see their true love as beyond physical attraction but for what he or she truly is inside? Is that also how I see some good looking and slim guys holding hands with a girl who is twice his size and not as hot looking but you can just feel the  love between them?

The mysteries of love.

Are you willing to get past other people's stares or even sniggers because only you know that this is your soul mate?

I'm thinking too much, am I?

The point is, I am thankful even if I didn't get to eat the food and it was just his way of saying thank you for helping so I just leave it as that. Also possibly he was trying to change my mindset about their canteen food, haha. I will only start to worry if it happens again and without me helping them again with something. I still don't want to know if he's single or married because it doesn't concern me as I'm not attracted to him in that way even though I thought it was nice of him to remember. I am also not interested in pursuing a relationship so we shall just leave it as that.

So how about you all? Do you read too much in people's actions that it got you thinking and writing a whole blog post? haha...

Oh well. Let's not get carried away with our thoughts, shall we? Okay, I shall update if there's anything 'fishy' that really point to him liking me. I hope not though.


I make support me!


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