Good Things...and A Fall

One of my wishes is for my brother to pass his O level with grades good enough to go into the polytechnic. I am so glad he did. I have been praying endlessly every single day during my waking hours, such as when I walk, when I sit down, when I am in the bus...just so God can hear me and know that I clearly wants him to go into polytechnic. I clearly also believe he deserves to go into one because he has been studying so hard for it and has been consistent in getting passes for his Mathematics. This was because this would be his second attempt. I did not want him to screw up his second attempt. Nobody likes to fail the second and ONLY chance they were given to do it right.

I could not be more thankful enough for my wish to be granted. It's really something for me. But this is a start of good things to come to him because the next day, he received an email to go for a job interview. I helped him to prepare his resume..after the longest time..heh...and send on his behalf. Yes, the things I do. He did prepare one as well but well, obviously he didn't do enough research. It sounded as though he was begging for a job. I know he's desperate but still..

So I took half day and accompanied him all the way to Leng Kee Road which was near to Redhill. He did get the job because they really wanted people so during the interview, he said that it was more like a briefing on what he would do and stuff. That's good for him. Then he promised he would give me $50 when he gets his pay. Wow. Ka-ching! At first, he had planned to give me $100 but then since I said $50, he stuck to that. Argh, me and my big mouth. But it's alright lah. In the future, he can give me more if he wants to. $50 can still take me places i.e. shopping malls..haha!

Yeah, this has been a pretty good week, at least for my brother. As for me, I've got an order for 4 cards which is amazing because honestly, this is the first time that I receive and order for cards. I have also signed up for a new online store, something like etsy, but for this one, I basically don't need to pay them some commission or something. I can only post 5 items for a basic account but well, I'm not complaining yet. We shall see how it goes. Oh, I started another blog. I figure that this one will be a bit more personal. That one will be more like reviews and recommendations, articles and some other general less personal stuffs. 

This month, I really need to try to be careful with my spending. After being deducted unknowingly from account a hefty amount of $240, which is actually my outstanding credit card charges, poor me have to dip my hand into my savings which I have only recently started in mid December. I need to have some sort of savings because my brother, and possibly me, are going to embark on our studies and I believe the expenses will be a bit more. Luckily, I bought something from an electronics store and they have a promotion where I will get a cash back. They still take some amount from that 'cash back' from God knows what but whatever, I should still be thankful that I can deposit back some money into my savings. I also receive $100 NTUC vouchers from my workplace as a Chinese New Year token. I've not received this amount before like at most it was $80 so it was really wow. It can certainly cover my household expenses.

So I felt blessed this week...except for a fall this afternoon because impatient me, can't wait for the usual bus to take me home because I was in a hurry. I took another bus which will take me to a rather obscure back lane and somehow, dunno how, I tripped and I fell hard on a rough surface. Luckily, I was wearing pants covering my knees so it was less bloodied but still bruised and there was some blood. My palm was also covered in scrapped.

Argh, so careless and my mum kept blaming me saying that I should not have hurried home and things like this would not have happened if I had waited for the right bus. I was in a hurry because my friend changed the time at the last minute and I was outside so I had to rush home to get ready.

Oh well, you can't predict things though I admit, I should have been more careful.

I have one more week to go before the extended weekend due to Chinese New Year. As pay day falls on Chinese New Year as well, I hope that I get my pay earlier...I'm thinking Saturday? I have money on standby already to cover me and my family's expenses until up to the actual pay day but well, it's always good to anticipate pay day earlier.

Okay, I have to wake up earlier to do the cards. I hope to get it done by this morning itself which means less internet surfing. I should really try to cut down on meaningless surfing such as googling about Matt Bomer's personal life. 

See ya soon!

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