Friday, February 01, 2013

My Life in 2012 (Part Two)

Ok now, the continuation of Part Two of my life story...well, at least for the year 2012.

I will make it pretty short and sweet but basically want to share my life's goals and aspirations in which 2012 has provided a stepping stone for me. Mistakes are made and along the way, we learn from them and that is how we grow as a person.

I've clearly made mistakes too last year but instead of dwelling on them, it's better to move on in life and hope to become a better person. By this I mean, I must continue to be more tolerant, kind hearted and not let others destroy my inner peace.

From the law of attraction, if we continue to be positive about things and be kind to people even if some are beyond tolerance and get on our nerves, good things will come to us. Of course, life isn't perfect and there are bound to be things that can change the game of life but we shouldn't let feelings get in the way so much so we can't think straight because we are too emotional.  We may also become rude and uncalled for towards other people who have great concern for us.

I admit I am far from perfect and while I can be helpful, there are times I don't feel like helping because I don't feel like it. But I learn that when you are helpful, most people are appreciative about it and it can really make your day. Dealing with customers daily can be a little bit overwhelming but it's part of my job and I should always do my best in everything so it's a matter of mind over matter.

This applies to my health too. I am still on the quest to lose weight not so much for the sake of vanity but because I want to have less health problems in the future. Having better fitting clothes is a bonus which is also a good confidence booster but I am concerned about a healthier overall well being. This I achieve by taking a long walk after work daily instead of taking the bus and going to my destination around four to five bus stops away depending on whether I go to the interchange. Unless it's raining or I leave after 7.15pm from work, then it's walk all the way for me despite being tired.

I am continuing my personal tradition to go to to the gym every Sunday which is my routine since middle of 2009. I didn't use to be as regular but since 2011, it is a fixed routine for me. I have also begun cutting down on sugared drinks and drinking plain water. Now it has gotten better in a way that I can drink two glasses of plain water at work during lunch. Last time, it was so hard just for me to finish one tall glass. Currently I can wear my old jeans back although my target is to reach my ideal weight by end of June and who knows, I may even drop a jeans size..haha.

So yah, basically life still goes on. 2012 had its share of setbacks and disappointments but the past is in the past and it's time to look forward to a hopefully better year in 2013. I hope to continue my studies this year too, sustain a healthy bank balance, be more successful in my online business, be nicer to people and to slowly be debt free.

Dreams do come true but I must work hard for it because if we are passionate about it, all the obstacles that come along the way can be easily conquered. Here's to a better year ahead!

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