Monday, February 25, 2013

Down and Out with Flu

I haven't been well the start of the week being down with flu and other related symptoms but good there is no fever. But I still dragged myself to work because there's simply too much work and I'm practically trying to swim and keep myself afloat to prevent myself from drowning. However, my boss, has been encouraging, despite making few mistakes here and there basically because I don't really know how my colleague does her work and I'm covering for her and taking instructions from the phone.

But anyway, in life, there will always be challenges and what you do is to rise above them. 

I didn't go doctor and I don't have any flu medication so what I do is to basically have a lot of rest when I reach home like practically after dinner, I will be fast asleep already nursing my flu. My mum has been helping me too by applying medicated oil on my nose which works basically the next day, the flu was practically gone. It's only clogged but I don't have to hold a piece of tissue all the time..haha.

Other than that, nothing much going on except that I have been watching videos of this life and business coach and she has been very inspiring. While passion makes you moving despite the hurdles, there are days where you don't feel like doing. For example, I am supposed to make cards but I'm tired because Sunday is also where I go to the gym so after dinner, I practically zonked out. Carbs has that effect on me that's why I don't eat heavy dinner every day.

Plus, the clean up is quite undesirable after making my products.

But it doesn't mean I stop there. At least what I don't feel like doing, I channel my energy into doing something such as updating the website. Based on the videos that I watch, I picked up some pointers. Hence, I made some significant updates to my other blog which is also like a website for my online business so when people come to view the website, they will know what are the products on offer and how to go about ordering them. It's basically about trying to attract the crowd. And yah, there is no overnight success when it comes to business so I am taking it one day at a time.

Oh, if you are interested to see the blog, here is the link.

Other than that, yah I am still single..haha. But you know something, I read somewhere that well,  the right guy can be infront of you all along but you just don't know it. While at the moment, I'm not looking for one because I'm already bogged down with life's challenges already, I believe there is truth in them. Many people practically scour the internet to look for the potential one or go on numerous dates but all along, the right guy can just be one of her good friends.

Interesting, isn't it? That's how the universe works I guess.

I know I may have talked about this but what suddenly 'inspires' me to broach this topic again? Well, you know about that gym guy whom I practically see every Sunday and it's easy to recognise him as he's pretty tall and fit (wait, aren't most of them there) but he's always in that same blue sleeveless shirt so it's easy to spot him. I guess he knows about my presence too because pfft, how can I not be insignificant? I am practically less attractive than all the younger girls there. But yah, because I'm always there every Sunday come rain or shine or whether I am injured the day before or sick early in the week.

I just have this gut feeling that he comes a bit later to do his exercise because last couple of months, I have been going to the gym at a later time than I always do because at first, I make appointment with my friend. But she has been a no show several times even though she always ask and then cancel at the last minute. Now, I spend time in the morning on my online business until it's time to get ready to go gym.

However, I have been telling myself that well, since I'm  not looking for a potential love interest, I just see him as some regular guy there doing his thang. Plus I really really think he's married so don't even go there. It always happen to me. I don't know how one can have the married look but I guess there's such a thing, haha. It's just a random feeling that he might be married. 

So peeps, this will be the official last time I talk about this guy so just get it out of the system.

I should be concentrating more on my life like giving myself a grace period of until end of June to reach my target weight. So far, I have lost 1 kilogram and before you think, pfft...that's a lot, at least I'm off to a good start..haha. Do you know how hard it is to lose weight nowadays despite putting in effort and if I let it go to my head, I will be going crazy. It's like oh, one minute I lost weight and then I put it on and the weight doesn't seem to budge after that. Crazy I tell ya because here you are trying to reach your target weight and then you hit the brick wall. Hopefully things will get better but I also have to be disciplined and not give up.

It's barely a few days before March approaches which happen to be one of my favourite month of the year because I will get extra moolah. But till then, I will have to watch my spending then go a bit crazy next month..haha. I have things to pay so whatever extra I get will go into my studies and also my brother's studies. So far, I have been diligently saving but because I have things to pay as well, I couldn't get a significant amount to save. Hopefully come March, my savings can be more or less stable.

Alright, here's to a good week to you as well!

I make support me!

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