Much Ado About Nothing

So I finally established the fact that the guy whom I suspected might be crushing on me, has children. Okay I don't know if he has one, or two or the fact that he is married but all I know is that I am cleared. I know you're thinking what is the big deal like what is wrong in him liking me. Nothing wrong, but it does seem awkward for someone to be interested in me especially if I don't have any interest in the person although I am trying to be more open minded a bit this year in order to make new guy friends.

However, I will have to cross out chatting because at some point I chat so much in my younger days that I am put off by the idea of chatting..haha. I might give it a go, one day eventually, but I guess I have chatted with so many kinds of people, even met them to some extent, so I'm like yah, I'm so over this.

But back to this false assumption that this guy is interested in me because he bought breakfast for me only. Where does the assumption come up in the first place? My guess is that I have been single for the longest time ever (i.e. never had a boyfriend) and I have long accepted the fact that well, maybe the time is not right for me for someone to take interest in my life unless I do something about it by being or at least have a wider social circle where I can mingle with other people. 

While to other single people, this can be so frustrating when they keep getting bombarded with questions of when they will get a boyfriend, get married, have children blah blah blah...basically because these people have nothing else to ask, some single people like me just chill and perform daily tasks as per normal. In fact, too normal. But now we are so connected thanks to the advancement of technology that you can find ready people to chat or become fast friends with. In the past, people may raise an eyebrow when you say oh, you met so and so in the internet but now, people are happy for you. Yes, there are sceptics most definitely, but basically you follow your heart's desire. However, this doesn't mean you should let your guard down. 

When such things happen, I feel different like eh, something is not right like I am in this phase of denial where I thought to myself, that narh...this couldn't have happened to me. I don't deserve such attention and what is so special about me. But I just have to accept the fact that when other people may see something special in me that I just can't see because I am so used to doing what I have been doing like a fixed routine.

I must admit, it sure feel good to be appreciated even if it turns out to be just that, a small gesture of appreciation rather than interest. Whatever it is, while my mind keeps saying ah, he's just being appreciative but like I said, if you're a single girl who doesn't have guys basically trying to sweep you off your feet that often or when you don't think highly of yourself, such glimmer of hope does exist. It's just natural like a natural reflex.

So okay, I'm moving the crowd along :) Nothing to see here peeps!  No, not my blog post but rather my love life...haha...

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