Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Personal Reflections

Honestly, I find some people hypocrites. At some point, they call themselves good people, advocate some religious teachings but then they are not really following them. I mean I'm no angel myself but really, why resort to name calling, mean judging, swearing for instance and then turn the table around saying that oh, they want to be kind hearted, patient....blah blah blah.

If you think are like that or you want to be a better person, then start acting like one.

But you know then again, whatever. We are adults and we know what we are capable of and we're not children to be chided and be educated on what is right and wrong because we should already know it. Yet, temptation can be overwhelming and we find ourselves giving in to the temptation and start being mean spirited.

Seriously, what is the point. What do they want to achieve out of this? A feeling of satisfaction that they are capable of bringing someone down? I really don't know but it seems like it. Sometimes I feel certain things happen to us because of how we treat others or how we choose to lead our lives if you believe in karma or all those positive and negative aura. Even if you don't, it's just common sense that if you treat others well, be less critical over people who honestly may not even deserve such uncalled for criticism or personal attacks for no reason, life will treat you better. 

Sometimes people wonder why these things happen to them all the time but all they need to do is to look at themselves and see what they can do to change for the better. How you treat others is a reflection of your moral values and beliefs. Take a good look at ourselves (yes, me included) and then learn to see which areas we need to self improve. Don't take advantage of other people especially when they show kindness to you and don't keep slamming other people who I believe half the time don't even care about your harsh opinions on them. Time for personal reflections, people.

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