Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sending My Brother to Pulau Tekong for his BMT

I've not seen  my brother for like two weeks and it feels like an empty void inside. Perhaps me being sick had something to do with that but I dunno, the void is definitely there. I know that it's worse for him as he has to go through his national service in an island across Singapore and missing his family as well. Thankfully, he's pretty resilient and he's coping well with the new friends that he made which he mentioned through one of his daily phone calls that they have been very helpful. Now my brother is like me, who leads a sheltered life thanks to our mum, but thankfully his resilience helps him to cope and he's also not afraid to ask for help, not like me.

Can't wait for this coming Friday because he will be making his first book out from the island. It's time to spend it with the family and just now, he could whatsapp me because he now finishes at 6.30pm and he sent several messages and we chatted awhile. He got his first pay as an NS man and although it wasn't the full amount as it was pro-rated. 

Anyway, here were the pictures from the last time we saw him when we accompanied him on the island. He said that he wants to treat us in a family restaurant although actually me and my mum were planning to treat him pizza instead. I'm really anything as long as I get to have my brother around, yay!! Going to see him in his army uniform for the first time :)))

Family picture in the ferry

Drizzling while we were on board the ferry

Reached the island where he will go through his BMT 
What's in store for me?
A quick introduction to the military equipments 

Taking his oath with the rest of the fellow NS men

Lunch for the NS men and their families. Yummy chicken rice

Obviously he skipped the veggies

Goodbye! :(

The headquarters

on the way back to Changi without him 

Last goodbye after our ferry back

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