Sunday, July 31, 2016

My Brother's First Book Out & Seeing Him After 3 weeks

Last Friday, after what seems like eternity though it's just 3 weeks, my brother had his first book out from his camp training in Pulau Tekong. I was basically doing the countdown in my head and it was really good to see him that day though it was hard to differentiate them because they were all wearing the same uniform and with the same haircut. He didn't call us yet so we assumed he wasn't back in the bus although we did see many of them at that area of the bus interchange. My mum randomly talk to a guy sitting down presumably waiting for his family to pick him up and he mentioned my brother's group came back already. About a minute of talking to the guy, out of nowhere my brother came to us excitedly when I was about to call him. I thought he was going to cry and my mum too though she later asked him many questions typically of a mum.

He then offered to treat us for dinner although initially he said he would pay half but then he got his GST payout and his first NS pay, surely he can afford to pay in full, hehe. So he eventually agreed after I psycho-ed him, lol.

He was so tanned and he said I looked shocked when he took off his cap in the mrt while chatting with his friend. Coz his head was shaven! hehe...He looked different with his tanned  look and shaved head. But the cute chubby cheeks still pinch worthy! I know I know..he's all grown up now.

As I'm typing this out, he had already gone off again to book in. He's quite comfortable there because he said they were being taken good care of. Also, due to his medical conditions, he didn't get to do the more vigorous physical exercise. Now his worries is when he is posted to Sembawang because he heard the people there aren't as concerned as the ones in Pulau Tekong. Plus it will be further for him to travel.

Just now, he went to make his specs at Own Days. Actually at first he wanted to go to a regular spectacle shop but as he needed it today, I told him to go to Own Days as he can get his specs within 20 minutes after the eye check and all. Anyway, he could claim $40.00 so the price shouldn't matter that much although we still opted for the cheapest one and also, to have it in black frame only. After so long, he finally get a new pair of specs. I am itching to get a new pair as well and I got my eyes on two of the designs from the cheapest price range. Too bad, because he has to use the receipt to claim, we can't get a second pair for 50% off in case he cannot claim.

But at least we got the $10.00 voucher so at least something. While waiting for the specs to be made, we went to McDonald's nearby just like the last time when we meet after school at the bus stop after I finish my evening class. Finally I get to eat the McSpicy with egg because there's no way I can eat that burger alone coz it's so spicy.

So with his new specs, hopefully he can get to see his targets better during his shooting range practice though he was surprised he can shoot better during night practice even without lasers. I was saying how can he not since he can be up so late almost every night whether he's schooling or working part time, lol.

I will only see him the next Friday and this will be the same arrangement for the next 5 weeks although by then, he will be in Singapore and no longer in Tekong.

Here are the pics from right after he booked out and booked in today with him in full gear. I had to skip gym today because had to help him get his specs and then helped him pack coz he can only bring one civilian bag and there's so many things to carry :s including hangers, toiletries, spare army clothing, battery charger, tissues, wet tissues and toilet rolls..phewhs. And that is just to name a few.

I hope he stays safe and healthy during his stay there for this last one week.

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