A Visit to the Coffee Bean at Marine Cove

My brother had stopped working for Coffee Bean and his last day was on last Tuesday and it was filled with memories for him from the good to the bad. I'm glad he has been in great company whichever outlet he's being posted. So far I didn't hear him complaining about the people he worked with but rather, the customer he encountered. I told him there are people from all walks of life and some of them expect more just because they're paying for it but doesn't mean they're right. But we cannot get too carried away with them because there are more nice and friendly customers than the nasty ones.

It has been a learning experience for him. So that day we went to Marine Cove which is actually at the East Coast beach although it was late for us to explore the beach. He specifically wanted to go to the Coffee Bean outlet which is the latest one to open and boast more items on its menu compared to the other outlets except for the Coffee Bean bistro at Marina Bay Sands.

I took a snapchat of what we ate but forgot to download the video so can't see here. But we took quite a number of selfies because the lighting was just good, haha. We had fish & chips and aglio olio pasta with prawns. A little pricey I would say, so I wouldn't recommend you go all the way just to eat them but I think it has a nice atmosphere. After that we had yoghurt which you can choose what toppings to add, just like llao llao though I still think llao llao is nicer. It's overall still nice though.

But we had to sit outside because all the seats inside were occupied. I feel that they should actually have more smaller seats so that more people can come and chill rather than those 4 seaters. And being located at the East Coast beach, definitely they will have more people. If on a Thursday night, it is already crowded, can't imagine over the weekend.

There's also other eateries at the Marine Cove including McDonald's which was crowded. It isn't the same one as the old one that had been a popular icon. There is no drive thru also but it boasted a different concept than other McDonald's much like the Coffee Bean. Again, finding a seat may be a problem unless you takeaway and eat along one of the benches at the beach if you don't feel like bringing food from home.

So that was our adventure last Thursday. Unfortunately, my brother who has been sick since morning, was in a much worse condition when we were in the bus. His fever shot up and he went home with a throbbing headache so we had to see the doctor the next day which was not the norm for him, as compared to him.

Then today he will be enlisted. So sad. I won't get to see him for two weeks. I really hope that he can adapt fast to the environment just like how he adapted to working for Coffee Bean.  All the best and I hope you come back safe and sound :(

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