Making My Mum Happy is More Priceless Than Money Itself

I was very upset last week and so was my mum. I was still upset the next day and even though a few times I tried to comfort myself by saying that hey, at least it's not as if I'm broke now after buying her the $60 over shoes. I still have money that can still last me up to payday. It's just that I was upset because I wasn't supposed to spend that much again after I gave her some money to buy fabric to make new clothes for Hari Raya. Oh, I also spent $140 repairing the kitchen pipe. Oh where's they crying emoji when you need it?!!

So I was complaining about what happened the day before. Funny thing, we hardly talked during work but after work, we always seem to share our life stories together. She's years older than me and after hearing me out, she said things that struck me. Anyway, she was telling me that I was lucky because I still have a mum to buy things for, unlike her. She wants to buy her gifts but she no longer can't because her mum is no longer around.

That it got me thinking that I had been selfish. How a mother's love is priceless and yet here I am worrying about how 'little' money I had left after buying for her the shoes. It's not as if she has a cupboard full of shoes. She only had one pair which she had worn to death and had to sew on it and anytime they will just disintegrate. Like I wasn't thinking how every morning before work, she will pick out my  work clothes, iron them and then prepare breakfast like a cup of milo and at the same time, prepare my usual lunch of a butter and jam sandwich and a bottle of hot plain tea. I mean any other mothers would be like, go prepare your own clothes, your own breakfast and then your own luch. But she is doing all that in the every single morning. Even on weekends when I don't work, she will still prepare a simple breakfast and also my gym outfit which motivate me unconsciously to go to gym, but of course as you know, my other motivation is the gym guy, but that's another story.

My colleague also said you can always earn money again but you can't earn your mother's love again once it's gone. Sometimes we get carried away by money even though money itself is not evil but people's attitude towards money.  Of course, money is also important not just to assist us in our day to day living but money can also help to bring happiness towards our loved ones. How our parents brought us up painstakingly and then as we grow up, we love them less and less. How they pinned hope on us to bring them happiness like living in a nice house and be given some cash monthly so that they don't have to work and can use their time for leisure instead of just looking after us. But alas, many of these parents are still working hard just to put food on the table because their children cannot take care of them anymore as they have their own family commitments. Their wish for us to get a good education so that we can have a better future like a degree, a big house and money in the bank so that we are not poor.

Alas, some children grow up to be nothing but giving their parents constant headache by getting into unnecessary trouble or seeing their own parents as nuisance which is sad actually. I'm guilty of making my mum feel like she was not worth buying the shoes for despite the state her current shoes are in. Hearing my friend talking her toddler son by pointing to him all the big houses surrounding the shopping centre, telling him to study hard so that he can buy a house for her. Then I think about how we ourselves are struggling to give our parents happiness, let alone how we expect our own children to survive in the future when things are already so expensive nowadays.

Then it set me thinking that it's not too late for me to provide a better future for me and my mum. I want to continue to give her happiness and I want to continue to earn more money because with this money, I can afford to buy better things for  her, like a house maybe? There's a limit to saving money but there is NO limit in earning money. I don't want to be a disappointment to my mum and this I promise.

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