Glimpses into Our Imaginary Future & Love Life

I had a meet up with my two other friends after a seemingly long time that we three got together including the little boy of one of my friends. It was a catch up session and also play time for the little one who was having the most fun with the waterplay on the rooftop of a shopping centre. While we adults were just basking away in a corner of the playground having a little pot luck and how apt that we were having our lunch underneath a sign that said no food and drinks, heh. 

My friend was her usual chirpy self snapchatting away including one close encounter with an overhead bucket with no tellling of when the water would pour down in a gush. I escaped unharmed but she was so damn close having so narrowly escaped which she immediately had to put on snapchat, haha! 

Her snapchats proved useful though when I headed home later in the afternoon and showed my mum several of her 10 second videos on the little tot and how he had so much fun playing with the fountains of water and how he put on his shoes and so on. My mum has a soft spot for kids, though she doesn't pile heaps of  praises on us, but we know she's proud of us and she cares for us in ways that a mother can. 

It was also meant to be a catch up of sorts but as usual, my other friend, who is also the mother of the little tot, wasn't talking much but watching her son like a hawk. But my other suspicion was that she was just tired of saying the same things in her life as though she's resigned to fate like this is how life is supposed to be and there's not much to be done except to take comfort in the playfulness and in the love for her son. I'll share pictures of them in a later post but for now, I would like to just share what goes on in the barely there conversations that we had and how we predict our future to be.

If she's resigned to destiny that this is how life is supposed to be, then this is sad because I believe it's up to us to rise from our problems and be better than all this sh*t surrounding us. I know it's easier said than done but you know, it's not as though my life is easy as well. Life's tough in general but it makes you stronger and the fact that you get all the support that you need from friends and family to help you along this journey called life, the least we can do is to be grateful for their company and their share and concern towards our well being instead of brushing them off thinking that they will never understand the difficult position that we are in.

Moving on, my friend and I, which you can totally read about in an earlier post about her birthday celebration, we were just being ourselves and thinking silly thoughts about how our future is going to be like. I was joking with her to quickly get married so she can have a child and can bring her along to the water play. And then I will bring my cat, lol! She was remarking how many lest I become a crazy cat lady if I don't get married, haha...then she was all like, what happen to Mr Biceps (what she calls gym guy) but I was saying if he doesn't even talk to other people in the gym despite being a regular on a Sunday and I suspect Saturday as well, there is no way he is going to talk to me. Of course I'm still hopeful even though I know nothing much will come out of it but you know, at least I'm mentally prepared that I shouldn't raise too much hope.

Unlike me, I see far more potential in my friend as being a married woman some time in future as compared to me. She's great with kids unlike me, whom I can only converse with older kids and will most likely cry along younger defiant tots, learning how to cook and is very independent having traveled overseas alone, including being a pillion rider to an unknown motorcyclist much to her mum's horror, haha. She'll be a pretty cool mum and despite her not talking much about wanting to have a love life, I pretty much know that deep down she wants one.

What am I saying, every other woman wants to be loved and not the type of love from a friend or from a family. In the midst of our busy schedules, work and responsibilities, we brush aside thoughts of finding love because we don't have time for it. But love will find us in ways that we can't imagine and he or she may not be what we pictured them to be and can be a far cry. Still we will fall hard for it because of how the person gives us this magical feelings that we get so drawn to it never mind if our personalities are far apart, with the example of one is so quiet the other is so chatty. The way the person makes us feel with hearts a fluttering, skin tingling and losing our breath as the person approaches us or when we come near us that we never feel so safe, protected and wanted.

But until then, life goes on. No matter how difficult life is or finding love, we have to find it within ourselves first to love us for who we are instead of putting the blame on ourselves that it is our fault life is tough or love takes such a long time to find us. Instead, we should be focusing on making small steps to make a difference in the future unless we want it ourselves to remain stagnant as it is. We cannot go back to having the mind of an innocent child devoid of any heavy responsibilities resting on their shoulders like every other adult. There is time to play and time for work, time to be with friends and family and time for self discovery. We can't go back to the past so right now, our focus is on the present and the future.

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