Bonding Over Water Play & The Innocence of A Child

There were times where I felt like I wish I can go back and relive the past where I don't get bogged down with adult problems although funny thing is, back then I also wished I would grow up quickly and enjoy the perks of being an adult. Come to think of it, there's no in between, haha. 

But despite the harsh realities of life sometimes, there's also kindness and hope as long as we keep our chins up and work hard towards a better future, rather than wishing for things to happen or fall from the sky. In other words, simply leaving everything to fate. Then we're merely wasting our time on earth rather than living and breathing each single day to be better than yesterday and to make it outstanding, rather than boring and unpredictable.

So when I see young kids, I feel like they have so much for them in the future and how we often pressurize them to do things to go further in life despite their young age. I believe they should also be given opportunities to enjoy their childhood while they still can and not just to push them to excel academically. Because once this childhood is gone, it's gone forever. Now children are not born with certain mentalities but rather, it's how the society and the parents play their role in shaping their thought process during their upbringing process whether directly or indirectly. 

But as adults, rather than just thinking about the multiple problems we have, our daily struggles and so on, we should also aim to stop, breathe and be grateful for what we have whether being in the company of friends or family, pursuing our passion and simply have fun just like our younger days.

So here are the pictures taken on that day and how from these pictures, it doesn't matter whether you're young or old, as long as you stay positive and continue to pursue happiness in life :) I'm glad that despite the years that we've been together, we are still strongly bonded together in friendship and especially so with my friend whose caring  nature is for sure, an example to follow.

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